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Tungsten carbide Zund blades

Tungsten carbide Zund blades

Tungsten carbide Zund blades

   The material the blades are made from tungsten carbide.Carbide blades have a significantly higher life expectancy than high speed steel blades. Greater productivity thanks to fewer blade changes.And  better cutting quality thanks to the blade‘s precision finish and very high stability.


 Our blade advantages:


   * An excellent cutting result

   * Low levels of waste/scrap

   * Higher capacity utilization and shorter order times thanks to fewer blade changes

   * We use only high performance materials

   * Our quality remains constant

Tungsten carbide Zund blades

Tungsten carbide Zund blades leather cutter knives

Depending on which tool they are used in, a distinction is made between the following blade

  • Drag blades: used in non-powered tools such as UCT, KCT, VCT, SCT, C2, insert sleeve 40)

      Particularly suitable for Foils, Paper, Thin folding carton, PVC,Plastic ,Carpet ,Light foam core etc.
  • Oscillating blades: used in EOT/POT oscillating tools.

Recommended materials: Folding carton, Gasket materials,Foam, Leather,Rubber, Felt,Woven , Textiles,Plastic etc.
  • Rotary blade: decagonal (ten-sided) blades for DRT/PRT tools.

     Recommended for breathable materials such as textile, carbon fibre, glass fibre, etc.