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Tungsten carbide cermet rods

Tungsten carbide cermet rods

Our Cermet grade has high transverse rupture strength, hardness and fracture toughness, as well as excellent corrosion resistance.

Cermet rods has an ideal material for impact-corrosion working condition, which can be widely used as cable cutting tools, chemical fiber cutting tools, various abrasion reisitant parts and other non-standard products.

Tungsten carbide cermet rods

Ti(C, N)-based Cermet is a kind of composite material consisting of ceramic particles bonded with a metal binder phase, which combines the favorable properties of ceramic ( high hardness and wear, corrosion and high temperature oxidation resistance) with those of metals( toughness especially).

Cermet rod / Cermet bars standard dimensions list below:

Diameter Length Grinding chamfer size
3.0 0 to 150mm 0.3
4.0 0 to 150mm 0.3
6.0 0 to 150mm 0.4
7.0 0 to 150mm 0.4
8.0 0 to 150mm 0.5
10.0 0 to 150mm 0.6
12.0 0 to 150mm 0.6
14.0 0 to 150mm 0.8
16.0 0 to 150mm 0.8
18.0 0 to 150mm 0.8
20.0 0 to 150mm 0.8

we also produce  Cermet plates, Cermet drawing dies and other parts according to drawings. If you have any cermet requirement, just feel free to send me an email, we will provide professional response !