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Carbide End Mill Cutter

Carbide End Mill Cutter

Main types of tungsten carbide end mills available:

1. Square end mills(flat end mills)

2. Ball nose end mills

3. Corner radius end mills

4. Wave end mills for roughing 

5. Tapered end mills

Carbide End Mill Cutter

Tungsten Carbide End Mills Carbide End Mill Cutters 45HRC 55HRC 65 HRC

1.Application for our tungsten carbide end mill
Our tungsten carbide end mills production is manufactured for a wide range of industrial fields including:
Carbide end mills for the medical fields including Orthodontics, Orthopedics, Catheters, and Surgical instruments.
Carbide end mills for the automotive parts and engines, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and bicycle industries.
Carbide end mills for pattern and mold makers.
Carbide end mills for general manufacturing in marine, recreational and consumer products industries.
Carbide end mills for the plastics industry.
Carbide end mills for the woodworking industry.

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2. Flutes number and hardness classify

Flutes available: 2 flutes end mills, 3 flutes end mills, 4 flutes end mills, 5 flutes end mills, 6 flutes end mills, etc

Hardness available: 45HRC GM series, 55HRC PM series, 65HRC HM series

3. Photos of the end mills ZZBETTER is supplying