honing machine stone
honing machine stone
honing machine stone
honing machine stone
honing machine stone

honing machine stone

Model NO.:
Minimum order quantity:
5 tons
Supply Ability:
20 tons / Month
Country of Origin:
All mainland ports
  • Place of Origin:CN;HUN
  • Type:Abrasive Block
  • Brand Name:ZZBetter
  • Model Number:Sunnen
  • Size:BL6,BL8
  • Product name:honing machine stone
  • Types:K3, K4, K5,... K20, BL3 to BL20, P20, P28 Honing tools
  • Application:on Sunnen machines
  • Other:sunnen honing stones/cylinder honing stones/diamond honing stone

honing machine stone

Product Description

Series of honing machine stone :

K3, K4, K5, K6, K8, K10, K12, K16, K20

L6, L8, L10, L12, L16, L20

BL3, BL4, BL5, BL6, BL8, BL10, BL12, BL16, BL20

Series of honing machine stone :

K series diamond honing stone:

K3, K4, K5, K6, K8, K10, K12, K16, K20

L series diamond honing stone:

L3, L4, L5, L6, L8, L10, L12, L16, L20

Detail description of honing machine stone :

honing stone

Displaying of honing machine stone :

Honing stone PM28NM47PM28NM47 honing stoneEndurble honing stone

Diamond honing mandrel:

Diamond Honing Toolshigh quality honing mandrelK4-135CH mandrel

Packaging & Shipping

Packing of the honing stone:


Company Information

We are a China based manufacturer and exporter of synthetic diamond and diamond tools, our diamond tools include diamond drilling tools,cutting tools,grinding tools,polishing tools, products include:

Diamond Grits,Micron Powders, monocrystalline MKD diamond plate, Single crystal SCD diamond plate, Nano diamond powder, CBN abrasives,CBN sandpaper,Diamond segments,Diamond Saw Blade, granite saw blade, concrete cutting blades, vitrified grinding wheels, Diamond cup wheel,PDC cutter,Solid PCBN inserts,PCD inserts,PCD cutting tool blanks, polycrystalline diamond, PCD scribing wheel, diamond glass cutter, Impregnated diamond core bits, reaming shell, core barrel drill rods, overshots, flexible polishing pads,brazed diamond tools,diamond grinding wheel,diamond cup wheel, electroplated diamond belt, diamond wire saw,CVD products,diamond honing stone,electroplated diamond tools,Diamond mylar,polishing film,Diamond slurry etc.



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