• 3.2mm to 4.8mm Tungsten Carbide Wear Grits
3.2mm to 4.8mm Tungsten Carbide Wear Grits
  • Material: tungten carbide
  • Our particles are very uniform and pure
  • Consistent particle size for easy application
  • Angular grit with sharp points for extremely aggressive cutting or grinding surface.


Manana orinasa manokana momba ny karbida tungstène izahay, ary manome vokatra maro hafa tsy afaka mamokatra. manolo-tena hanome vokatra tsara indrindra ho an'izay te hahazo vokatra tsara sy vidiny tsara indrindra.

Tungsten Carbide Grits 


Tungsten carbide grit provides long lasting wear protection in areas of high abrasive wear. It is used to protect costly parts such as bulldozer blades, bucket teeth, wood grinding hammers, trencher teeth, and a wide variety of other consumable components. Tungsten Carbide grit is an efficient means of protecting machinery and machinery parts by providing a significant increase in the longevity of those parts. This decreases downtime and reduces the cost involved with unprotected parts.




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