Importance of Coating Tungsten Carbide

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Importance of Coating Tungsten Carbide


To manufacture tungsten carbide products, we should take prepare raw materials first, including tungsten carbide powder and binder powder. Then we should mix and mill them in the ball milling machine, spray them in the dry sprayer, and compact them into a certain shape and size. After the series of processes, we have to sinter them in the sintering furnace. This is complete manufacturing to strengthen the performance of tungsten carbide. We will harden the tungsten carbide with some surface treatment. This article focus on coating tungsten carbide.


Manufacturing a tungsten carbide workpiece needs a long time. During the manufacturing, we will coat tungsten carbide to avoid oxidation under high temperatures. Coated tungsten carbide has higher hardness, wear resistance, chemical stability, and less friction and thermal conductivity.


Coating tungsten carbide has two methods: one is CVD, and the other one is PVD.

Chemical vapor deposition is also called CVD in short. The principle of chemical vapor deposition is the thermally induced chemical reaction at the surface of heated tungsten carbide products, which is also developed to adapt to new materials and the semiconductor industry.

Physical vapor deposition is also called PVD in short, which is a vaporization technique to deposit a thin layer of material on tungsten carbide products. It always has four steps, evaporation, transportation, reaction, and deposition. This process will happen in a vacuum chamber and uses clean and dry vacuum deposition.

Coatings have extremely high hardness and wear resistance. Compared with tungsten carbide products without coatings, tungsten carbide products with coatings can work at a higher cutting speed, which can improve manufacturing efficiency. What’s more, when tungsten carbide products with and without coatings are working at the same cutting speed, tungsten carbide products with coatings have higher wear resistance.


In most cases, tungsten carbide needs to be coated, especially tungsten carbide inserts. The coating of tungsten carbide can improve wettability and hardness and protect the tungsten carbide from high temperature, oxidation, and corrosion. The coating is crucial to the tungsten carbide.


Besides coating, there are also other methods to harden tungsten carbide by surface treatment, such as plasma surfacing, supersonic spraying, gas shield welding, flame cladding, vacuum cladding, and thermal diffusion hardening.


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