• Cemented carbide strips
Cemented carbide strips
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  • Material: tungsten carbide



Tungsten carbide strips are also known as rectangular tungsten carbide rods, tungsten carbide flats, and tungsten carbide flat bars,is a sintered metallurgical product of powder form. It is manufactured in vacuum or Hydrogen reduction furnaces with refractory Tungsten material (WC) micron powder as the main ingredient and Cobalt (Co), Nickel (Ni), or Molybdenum (Mo) as the binder.


Grades and Performance of tungsten carbide strip

ZZBT GradeISO GradeDensity (g/cm3)Hardness (HRA)T.R.S                (MPα)Grain SizePerformance   & Application Recommended
UBT910K2014.4-14.890~90.52200~2400MediumHigh hardness,   suitable for general fiber, aluminum foil, paper making, textile and other   mechanical baldes, and can be also used for rough processing of iron, solid   wood, dry wood or nonferrous metal, ceramics and other alloys. 
UBT920K3014.2-14.691~91.52000~2200FineHigh hardness,   good toughness and good overall performance. It is suitable for processing   all kinds of solid wood, mahogany, medium density board, gray cast iron,   non-ferrous metal materials, etc.
UBT10TK1014.6-15.092.2~92.81800-2000UltrafineUntra-fine   grain size, high hardness, good wear resistance, suitable for finishing of   iron, nonferrous metals, ceramics and other alloys, finishing of hardwood,   chipboard, MDF and HDF. Better to use silver soldering.
UBT40SK4013.-13.9790.2~90.82600~2800FineOn the basis of   ensuring high bending strength, the wear resistance of this grade is   improved. The cutting edge is dense and sharp, which is conducive to the   flatness of processing with good welding performance. It is used for   processing food package, printing, aluminum foil, metalized film, gardens,   textile, leather, plastic rubber and other mechanical blades.
UBT10CK4013.8-14.287.5~882800~3000CoarseHigh toughness,   difficult to break tooth. Special used for finger jointing tool.
13.7-14.085.0-86.01700~1900MediumMainly used for   stamping moulds and ceramic die of electronic components, non magnetic.

Regular sizes of tungsten carbide strip


Tolerance range of tungsten carbide strip:

                                                                                              Tolerance (mm)


                          >150                          -0~+L*2%



                        8.0~25.0                          -0~+0.50
                       25.0~35.0                          -0~+0.70
                             >35.0                          -0~+1.20
                       T                              ≤15.0                          -0~+0.40

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What is the value of cemented carbide strip?

Tungsten carbide strip is the preferred material for Woodworking tools manufacturing and Metalworking tools, widely used in the industries which has high requirements for wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance and high-temperature resistance. It has a lot of outstanding performance.


What are the uses of tungsten carbide strip ?

1. Woodworking tools

2. Metalworking tools

3. Molds

4. Textile tools

5. Crushing tools




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