Analysis of Drilling Holes for Precast Piles and Drill Pipes for Cast-In-Place Piles -2

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Analysis of Drilling Holes for Precast Piles and Drill Pipes for Cast-In-Place Piles -2


Construction conditions

Prestressed pipe piles are suitable for soft soil, sandy soil, plastic soil, silty soil, fine sand, and loose gravel soil without boulders or floats. It does not easily penetrate thick sand and other hard interlayers but can only enter the depth of sand, gravel, hard clay, strongly weathered rocks, and other solid supporting layers. When piling the sand and stones is difficult, pilot holes can be used. When driving or statically pressing a prestressed pipe pile and using a strongly weathered rock layer as the supporting layer of the pile foundation, the pile body will pass through most of the weak soil, cohesive soil, and weathered rock layer. So there will not have big resistance to the pile body. For example, local leaching and the distribution of isolated rocks in the entire clastic rock may cause some difficulties in piles. As the construction requires large-scale machinery such as vibrating pile hammers and lifting equipment, the required construction site is relatively large.

Drill pipe cast-in-place piles are suitable for sandy soils, cohesive soils, as well as gravel and cobblestone soils, and rock formations. However, it is difficult to construct silt and foundations that may have flowing sand or pressurized water. Therefore, compared with prestressed pipe piles, bored piles have the characteristics of simple construction equipment, convenient operation, and freedom from site restrictions. But the construction period is longer than prestressed pipe piles, and the construction quality is unstable.

Construction technology

The construction technology of prestressed pipe piles is: measurement and positioning → placement and centering of the pile machine → pile pressing → pile addition → pile delivery or cutting → static pressure pile to reach the design elevation.

(1) Measurement and positioning: Place the shaft and each pile before construction, and paint to make the mark obvious.

(2) The placement and alignment of the pile driver: the pile driver is used to start the theodolite.

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