Brief Introduction of Tungsten Carbide Balls

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Brief Introduction of Tungsten Carbide Balls


Tungsten carbide, also known as cemented carbide, is the second hardest tool material in the modern industry. With many brilliant properties, tungsten carbide can be manufactured into different tungsten carbide products. Tungsten carbide balls are one of the tungsten carbide products. In this article, this article is going to take a brief introduction to tungsten carbide balls.

1. What are tungsten carbide balls?

2. Manufacturing process of tungsten carbide balls;

3. Types of tungsten carbide balls;

4. Application of tungsten carbide balls.

What are tungsten carbide balls?

Tungsten carbide balls are made of high-hardness, refractory metal tungsten carbide powder as the main component, with cobalt as binders, sintered in a sintering furnace. Tungsten carbide balls are similar to other tungsten carbide products but in a ball shape. And tungsten carbide balls can be used somewhere extremely hardness and wear resistance are required. 

The manufacturing process of tungsten carbide balls

powder making → formulation according to the requirements of use → by wet grinding → mixing → crushing → spray drying → sieving → later adding the forming agent → drying again → sieving to make the mixture → granulation → cold isostatic pressing → forming (rough) → sintering → forming (finished) → packaging → storage

Types of tungsten carbide balls

Like other kinds of tungsten carbide products, tungsten carbide balls also have many different types, including tungsten carbide rough balls, tungsten carbide fine grinding balls, tungsten carbide punching balls, tungsten carbide bearing balls, tungsten carbide valve balls, tungsten carbide through-hole balls, tungsten carbide metering balls, tungsten carbide color-scraping balls, and tungsten carbide pen balls.

Application of tungsten carbide balls

Tungsten carbide balls can be used in bearings, ball screws, valves, flowmeters, and for coining, pivots, detents, and tips for gages and tracers. Tungsten carbide balls can not only be applied to industries, but also daily life. They are applied to precision parts punched and stretched, precision bearing, instruments, meters, pen-making, spraying machines, water pumps, mechanical parts, sealing valves, brake pumps, punching holes, and oil fields. Some high-end industries such as hydrochloric acid laboratory, hardness measuring instruments, fishing gear, counterweight, decoration, and finishing can also apply tungsten carbide balls.

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