Causes and Solutions of Tungsten Carbide Cutting Blades Breaking

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Causes and Solutions of Tungsten Carbide Cutting Blades Breaking 


Broken and cracked is a very common situation for the tungsten carbide cutting blades. Broken and cracked is a very common situation for the tungsten carbide cutting blades. What’s the causes and solutions for those problems?

1. Improper selection of carbide blade grades and specifications. For example, the thickness of the blade is too thin, or a grade that is too hard or too brittle is selected for machining.

Solution: Increase the thickness of the blade or install the blade vertically, and choose a grade with higher bending strength and toughness.

2. Improper selection of tool geometry parameters.

Solutions: Change cutting angle or grind the transition cutting edge to enhance the tip.

3. the cutting parameters are unreasonable. The cutting speed is too fast or too slow and the feed rate is too large or too small, etc.

Solution: Re-select the cutting parameters.

4. The fixture can be not fix the carbide blades well.

Solution: Change a suitable fixture.

5. Tungsten carbide blade used too long time with excessive wear.

Solution: change the cutting tool in time or replace the cutting blades.

6. The cutting cool liquid is insufficient or the filling method is incorrect, causing the tungsten carbide blade to be damaged due to accumulation of cold and heat.

Solution: (1) Increase the flow rate of fluid; (2) Arrange the position of cutting fluid nozzles reasonably; (3) Use effective cooling methods to improve the cooling effect; (4) Use dry cutting to reduce the impact on the blade thermal shock.

7. The carbide cutting tool is not installed correctly. For example, the carbide cutting tool is installed too high or too low.

Solution: Reinstall the cutting tools

8. The excessive cutting vibration.

Solution: Increase the auxiliary support of the workpiece to improve the clamping rigidity of the workpiece or use other vibration reduction measures.

9. The operation is not standard. 

Solution: Pay attention to operation methods.


If you can pay attention to the above aspects in the cutting process, you can greatly reduce the occurrence of the phenomenon of carbide cutting blade breaking.

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