The Right Ways To Use The Tungsten Carbide PCB Lead Cutting Blades

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The right ways to use the tungsten carbide PCB lead cutting blades


1. The tungsten carbide circular cutting blades’ applications and features:

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) lead cutter machine is mainly used for cutting the extra pins of the electronic components. PCB terminal materials usually are steel, stainless steel, copper, zinc, tin, iron, etc. Those materials will be soft, hard, thick,  or thin. Then the circuit board cutting blade’s properties need very high.

The circuit board cutting knife is made of tungsten carbide material. Tungsten carbide material is high hardness and high wear-resistant. The recommended material grade is YG8 and YS2T.

YG8: Density:14.7~14.8g/cm3. T.R.S: >2350 n/mm2. Hardness:>89.0 HRA.

YS2T: Density:14.5~14.6 g/cm3. T.R.S: >2300 n/mm2. Hardness:>91.5HRA. 

The right ways to use the tungsten carbide PCB lead cutting blades

Also, the cemented carbide circle knifes cutting edge is very sharp and smooth. So Equipped with tungsten carbide cutting knives to cut electronic components is the better choice.


2. The size of the tungsten carbide disc blades for cutting electronic components:


This disc tungsten carbide circuit board cutting blade has two common sizes:














3. The packages of the tungsten carbide round cutting blades

First, the cemented carbide round blade’s sharp will be covered with protective plastic tape. Then put the solid carbide blade in the lead wire cutter paper box. The box has soft foam. So do not worry that the carbide round blade will be cracked.

The right ways to use the tungsten carbide PCB lead cutting blades


4. The right use ways for the circular tungsten carbide blades to cut wire lead:


(1) Firstadjust the double lead rail travel route biggest, unscrew the gland bush screw(gland bush screw is right-handed screw )with 8# inner hexagonal wrench counter-clockwise, take out the blade gland bush and clean up both sides of the tool apron, blade, gland bush with a clean and soft cloth. Then place gently the blade on the base (surface up). Next, place the blade gland bush on the blade, screw down the gland bush screw with 8# inner hexagonal wrench clockwise. When removing the blade, use the enclosed dismantled stick to fix the tool apron.

The right ways to use the tungsten carbide PCB lead cutting blades


(2) Adjusting the height of the wipe cutting machine: screw-down lead rail retaining screw and adjust the big screw cap until the distance between the round blade and lead rail meets the requirement then screw down the lead rail retaining screw. When adjusting lower avoid any friction between lead rail and blade for fear of damage to the blade.

(3) The protective equipment must be installed before the blade operation (the blade workshop should be surrounded by baffles, steel plates, rubber, and other protective equipment).


(4) Working speed can be adjustable according to components size. Then it will increase tungsten carbide round blades life. And the working speech should be less than 4500rmb/minute.


(5) After the blade is installed, run the machine empty for 5 minutes and observe. Vibration or other abnormal sounds are not allowed. Or it should be turned down the machine immediately to check the causes.


The right ways to use the tungsten carbide PCB lead cutting blades

(6) Clean up the cut pin immediately.


(7) The tungsten carbide circular blade should not leave the cutter head for a long time or lubricate the cutter head when necessary if it has to leave for several days.

(8) It is better than the carbide circular cutter not to contact with moisture, flammable, corrosive, dust, etc.


(9) Please turn off the main power when fixing and removing the carbide round cutting blade or encountering abnormal conditions.


(10) Non-professional maintenance person, do not remove the boot. It is strictly forbidden to reach into the machine when the machine is rotating.  please not let children close the wire lead machine.

The right ways to use the tungsten carbide PCB lead cutting blades

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