The Advantages For Waterjet Cutting

2022-03-15 Share

  The Advantages for Waterjet Cutting


Waterjet cutting offers versatility and flexibility for manufacturers. There are many advantages of waterjet cutting compared with CNC, laser, and saw cutting technology.

1. Smooth, uniform burr-free edges.

Using a combination of water speed, pressure, waterjet focus nozzle size, and abrasive flow rate achieve superior edges. No other cutting method comes close to the superior edge quality you will experience using the waterjet cutting way.  

2. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

Usually, hot cutting techniques face the likelihood of their parts/fittings experiencing heat zones which often cause the parts to warp them inaccurate, and unusable. However, the water jet cutting technology is a cold cutting process that can overcome this easily. And after water jet processing, the materials almost no need little edge treatment or secondary finishing. So waterjet cutting way can improve processing efficiency and save cost.


3. Accurate internal cut.

A water jet cutter is the first choice when making an internal cut. The waterjet cutting accuracy can be±0.1 to ±0.2mm. So artwork, custom patterns, unique designs, and logos can be manufactured easily using the waterjet cutting process. 

4.No heat affected area

Traditional cutting usually produces high heat, which will cause heat distortion and hardened edges problems. Another main issue is that traditional cutting causes the molecular structure of that material to change. The secondary effects on the material often led to warping, inaccurate cuts, or weak points created within the material. Manufacturers can choose cold waterjet cutting technology to solve those problems.


5. No need to change tools 

Waterjet cutting can cut different materials without changing any tools. When a new material is placed on the table, workers adjust the feed rate to the appropriate speed to match the material type and thickness and do not need to change water jet nozzle heads and then make the next cut.

6. Can cut thick materials

Tungsten carbide focusing nozzles with high pressure, high water speed, and wear resistance can work with a mixture of water and abrasive solutions to cut most materials, even steel, glass, ceramic and hard materials with a thickness above 25mm.


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