Matters for Grinding Tungsten Carbide Blades

2022-08-10 Share

Matters for Grinding Tungsten Carbide Blades 


Grinding is a very common step during the tungsten carbide blades process. What matters we should pay attention to grinding blades?

1. Grinding wheels

Different material grinding wheels are suitable for grinding different material tools. Different parts of the tool require different wheel abrasive grain sizes to ensure the best effect of edge grinding and processing efficiency.

In order to be good for grinding different parts of the carbide blades, the grinding wheel should have different shapes. The most commonly used are parallel grinding wheel. This type of wheel grinds top angle, outer diameter, back, and so on. Disc-shaped grinding wheel to grind spiral groove, main and auxiliary edges, chisel edge, etc. After a period of use, the shape of the grinding wheel needs to be reminded (including plane, angle, and fillet R). The grinding wheel need always clear the chips filled between the abrasive grains to improve the grinding ability.

2. Grinding standard

Whether there is a good standard of carbide blade grinding is a test of whether a grinding center can be professional or not. In the grinding standard, the technical parameters of the cutting edge of different tools when cutting different materials are specified, including the inclination angle, apex angle, rake angle, clearance angle, chamfering edge, chamfering, and other parameters

3. Testing equipment

Dimensional inspection is an important step in grinding carbide inserts and knives. The thickness, length, angle, outer diameter, inner hole, and other dimensions of the carbide tools require different instruments to ensure the accuracy of the size. The common size testing equipment includes a micrometer, altimeter, projector, measuring instrument, tool setting instrument, dial indicator, roundness meter, plug gauge, etc.

4. Grinding workers

The best equipment also requires personnel to operate, and the professional training of grinding workers is one of the most critical links for the processing. The work experience of the workers is also very important.

With good hardware such as grinding equipment and testing equipment, as well as grinding standards and grinding technicians, cemented carbide blades can be processed very well. Due to the complexity of carbide tool application, the professional grinding center must timely change the grind plans according to the failure mode of the carbide blade to be ground, and follow the application effect of the carbide blade. A professional tool grinding center must always summarize the experience in order to grind the tool well.

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