Brief Introduction of Tungsten Carbide Strips

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Brief introduction of Tungsten Carbide Strips

Tungsten carbide strips are also known as rectangular tungsten carbide rods, tungsten carbide flats, and tungsten carbide flat bars.


The same production way as other tungsten carbide products, it is a sintered metallurgical product of powder form. It is manufactured in a vacuum or Hydrogen reduction furnace with refractory. Tungsten material (WC) micron powder is used as the main ingredient, and Cobalt (Co), Nickel (Ni), or Molybdenum (Mo) powder are as the binder.

The general production process flow of our tungsten carbide strips is as below:

Powder mixture (mainly WC and Co powder as basic formula, or according to application requirements) —Wet ball milling — spray tower drying —pressing/extruding — drying — sintering — (cutting or grinding if necessary) final inspection — packing — delivery

Brief introduction of Tungsten Carbide Strips

Middle inspection is done after each process to make sure only the qualified products can be moved to the next production process. The carbon-sulfur analyzer, HRA tester, TRS tester, Metallographic microscope(Check microstructure), coercive force tester, cobalt magnetic tester are used to inspect and make sure the material of carbide strip is good qualified, besides, drop test is added specially to the carbide strip inspection to make sure there is no material flaw in the whole long strip. And the size inspection as per order.

Brief introduction of Tungsten Carbide Strips

With high-quality raw material and advanced equipment, Zzbetter provides customers with superior-quality carbide strips.

·         Easy to be brazed, good wear resistance and toughness

·         Ultrafine grain size raw material to keep excellent strength and hardness.

·         Both standard sizes and customized sizes are available.

Tungsten carbide flat strips are mainly used in woodworking, metalworking, molds, textile tools, and other industries.

Brief introduction of Tungsten Carbide Strips

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