Different Shapes Of PDC Cutters

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Different shapes of PDC cutters

Drilling is an important operation in the oil and gas industry. PDC bits (also named Polycrystalline Diamond Compact bit) are often used in the drilling process. PDC bit is a type of bit that consists of multiple Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) cutters attached to the bit body and cut through rocks by shearing action between the cutters and the rock.


PDC cutter is a very important part of a drill bit, also a workhorse of drilling. Different shapes of PDC cutter are aimed to meet different work conditions. Choosing the right shape is very important, which can improve your working efficiency and reduce the drilling cost.



Usually, we divide the PDC cutter as below:

1PDC flat cutters

2PDC buttons

PDC flat cutters are mainly used for drilling bits in mining and oil drilling fields. It also can be used in diamond core bit and PDC bearing. 


Main Advantages for PDC cutters: 

• High density (low porosity) 

• High compositional & structural homogeneity 

• High wear and impact resistance  

• High thermal stability 

• Best overall performance available in the market


PDC flat cutter diameter range from 8 to 19mm::



The above specifications are for users to choose from. At the same time, different specifications of products can be produced and processed according to the requirements of users.

As a general rule, large cutters (19mm to 25mm) are more aggressive than small cutters. However, they may increase torque fluctuations.

Smaller cutters (8mm, 10mm, 13mm and 16mm) have been shown to drill at a higher rate of penetration (ROP) than large cutters in certain applications. One such application is limestone for example. Bits are designed with smaller cutters but more of them can withstand higher impact loading.

Additionally, small cutters produce smaller cuttings while large cutters produce larger cuttings. Large cuttings may cause problems with the hole cleaning if the drilling fluid cannot carry the cuttings up.



PDC bearing


PDC bearing is used as an antifriction bearing for downhole motor, which is widely used in oilfield service companies and down-hole motor factories. PDC bearing has different types including PDC radial bearing, PDC thrust bearing.


PDC bearings are very resistant to wear. Compared with traditional tungsten carbide or other hard alloy bearings, the life of diamond bearings is 4 to 10 times longer, and they can operate at high temperatures (currently the highest temperature is 233°C). The PDC bearing system can absorb excessive load for a long time, and the low friction loss in the bearing assembly further increases the transmitted mechanical power.


PDC buttons are mainly used for DTH drill bit, cone bit, and diamond pick.


Diamond picks are mainly used for mining machines, such as continuous miner drums, Longwall shearer drums, tunnel boring machines (shield machine foundation, rotary drilling rig, tunneling, trenching machine drums, and so on)


PDC buttons mainly include: 

(1) PDC domed buttons: mainly used for DTH drill bit.

(2) PDC conical buttons: mainly used for cone bit.

(3) PDC parabolic buttons: mainly used for auxiliary cutting.

Compared with tungsten carbide buttons, PDC buttons can improve abrasive resistance more than 10 times. 


PDC domed buttons


PDC conical cutters


PDC parabolic buttons



Except for the normal sizes, we can also produce per your drawing.

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