The Advantages Of PDC Bits

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The advantages of PDC bits

Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) and PDC drill bits have been introduced to the market for several decades. During this long time, the PDC cutter and PDC drill bit have experienced many setbacks in their early stages, also experienced great development. Slowly but finally, PDC bits gradually replaced cone bits with continuous improvements in PDC cutter, bit stability, and bit hydraulic structure. PDC bits now occupy more than 90% of the total drilling footage in the world.


The diamond drill bit is used in nearly all applications including geothermal energy drilling, mining, water well, natural gas drilling, and oil well drilling.

Here are some advantages of PDC bits.


1. Cost-Effective

PDC bits can be very cost-effective. Unlike tricone bit, there are no moving parts on a PDC bit to wear out. The synthetic diamond facing can chip, but that PDC cutter can be extracted and a new one can be put in its place. Rebuilding a PDC bit is normally around one-half the price of buying a new bit.


2. Rate of Penetration

PDC bits, in the correct formations, have an incredible rate of penetration. Formations that PDC bits do well in include but are not limited to shale, limestone, sandstone, and clay. PDC bits can be anywhere to 3-5 times faster than tri-cone bits.


3. Cost Savings

PDC bits save money. Because PDC bits drill so much faster, there is a lot of time saved. Time saved allows for the driller to complete more jobs in a shorter period of time. On a small job, it is hours and days saved. On a larger job, it is weeks and months saved. Benefits of completing the job faster would include saving on man-hours and fuel, meeting and/or exceeding deadlines, and using fewer bits and consumables.


Overall, there are many benefits to drilling with PDC bits.  Just like everything else, the drilling industry is always changing. Change in technology and drilling can be a great thing. PDC bits could be the change that makes the difference for you.

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