How To Choose Carbide Wear Inserts

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How To Choose Carbide Wear Inserts

When using carbide wear inserts, the following problems often occur and bring trouble to people.


1. Hard to apply.

Make the work slowly, waste time

Can’t deliver the tools on time

2. Crack appear after welding

You need to remove them,

Clear the surface

Welding new ones on it 

3. Wear out easily.

A lot of complaints

Repair the tools

Loose customers 

Do you have those problems? Today we will discuss that, and show you how to solve those problems.

First, let's learn what are carbide wear inserts. 

Tungsten carbide insert is one of the strongest materials in the world. They are mainly apply to downhole tools.

Let's show some applications of carbide wear inserts.

For different applications, there have different shapes. Such as: 

  1. Round Half-round 

  2. Square, Rectangle

  3. Triangle 8-Sided Star Trapezoidal

As mentioned previously, the problems you might have while using carbide inserts includes.

1. It is very hard to apply. 

2. Some cracking after welding. 

3. Wear out easily. 


How to solve those problems?

1.Choose the right grades 

For fishing & milling inserts, they are applied to oil fishing tools to cut or remove those metals. So you have to choose the grades which have high hardness that can provide excellent performance when doing heavy-duty metal cutting.

Trapezoidal inserts and Rectangle inserts are always applied to protect the surface of the stabilizers. They will be applied to the surface piece by piece because of their special shape. If you choose the wrong grade, they will crack after welding or after grinding

The grade must have a high impact, you should choose the grade with coarse grain size.

2.Choose the suitable shapes and sizes 

For small tools, choose small sizes for different applications, and choose different shapes.

Besides that, a Combination of crushed carbide and Inserts is the best. Inserts do not perform well in loose junk. Inserts will provide more extended Wear when milling a packer.


Choose the proper surface treatment 

There are four different surface treatments for the tungsten carbide

1. Sandblasting surface

2. Grinding 

3. Coating

4. Tumbled

What is the best surface treatment for the wear inserts? 

ZZbetter carbide inserts shapes includes: 

  1. Round Half-round Square, Rectangle

  2. Triangle 8-Sided Star

  3. Trapezoidal

We can also produce according to the drawings.

Advantages of ZZbetter carbide inserts 

Using a premium grade of tungsten carbide 

Used in combination with aggressive cutting tools 

Ideal for milling knives 

Improve drilling efficiency 

Maximize your drilling processes and performance 

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