The application of PDC cutters

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The application of PDC cutters


PDC cutters are also named Polycrystalline Diamond Compact cutters, PDC bits, and PDC inserts.

The PDC cutters consist of a Polycrystalline Diamond layer and carbide substrate. The diamond is grown on the carbide substrate. 

The Main Advantages 

High wear resistance 

High impact resistance 

High thermal stability 

The working life of the PDC cutters is increased by more than 6 times

Reduce the frequency of replacement of drilling bits and the labor intensity of workers.

Due to their high performance, the PDC cutters are widely used in the below aspects:

Oil and gas PDC bits as the face, gauge, and backup cutters

PDC bits for geothermal drilling

PDC bits for water well drilling

PDC bits for directional drilling

PDC drill bits

PDC drill bits revolutionized the drilling industry with a wide application range and high rate of penetration (ROP) potential. PDC bits drill primarily by shearing.


PDC bits are designed and manufactured as:

Matrix-body bit

Steel-body bits

The main parameters that control the drillability of the bit are

PDC cutter characteristics

Back Rake Angle

Cutter layout

Cutter count

Cutter size

So you can see how important it is to choose premium PDC cutters.


PDC bearing

PDC bearing is used as an antifriction bearing for downhole motor, which is widely used in oilfield service companies and down-hole motor factories. PDC bearing has different types, including PDC radial bearing and PDC thrust bearing.


PDC anchor bit

The PDC anchor bits are mainly applied for drilling anchor-network support holes in the coal mine to guarantee fast and high efficiency in cave excavating.

With the perfect stability in penetration and hole drilling of PDC, it will not easy to be collapsed.

The service life of the PDC anchor bit is 10-30 times longer than normal alloy bits when drilling the same rock formation. Applicable rock formation: f<12. The normally used size is PDC cutter 1304.


Diamond picks

Diamond picks are mainly used for mining machines, such as continuous miner drums, Longwall shearer drums, and tunnel boring machines (shield machine foundation, rotary drilling rig, tunneling, trenching machine drums, and so on). According to different applications and geological conditions, need to design different wear protection. 

Chain saw cutting machine


Marble, as a common building decoration material in our lives, is very difficult to mine. The chain saw cutting machine can cut the rough stone vertically or horizontally. It’s widely used in the extraction of natural stone and decorative stone. Even marble and other very hard stones can be cut properly.

The PDC cutters are used to fix on the chain saw holder as a trend this few years, widely used in a marble quarry. 

Except for the above application, there are also other applications. 

Except for the normal size of PDC cutters, we can also produce per your drawing. 

Welcome to find zzbetter for PDC cutters, excellent performance, consistent quality, and outstanding value. We never stop our steps for developing high-quality PDC cutters. 

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