Three Ways to Make Tungsten Carbide Rod

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Three Ways to Make Tungsten carbide rod


Tungsten carbide rods are widely used for high-quality solid carbide tools such as milling cutters, end mills, drills, or reamers. It can also be used for cutting, stamping, and measuring tools. It is used in the paper, packaging, printing, and non-ferrous metal processing industries. Carbide rods can be used not only for cutting and drilling tools but also for input needles, various roll wore parts, and structural materials. In addition, it can be used in many fields, such as machinery, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, electronics, and defense industries.

Here are three ways how tungsten carbide rods be made.

1. Manufacturing

Extrusion is the most popular method of producing carbide rods. It is a very practical way to manufacture long carbide rods like 330mm. 310mm and 500mm, etc. However, its time-consuming drying process is the weakness that we have to pay attention to.


2. Automatic Press

Automatic pressing is the most effective way to press short sizes like 6*50, 10*75, 16*100, etc. It can save cost from cutting carbide rods and it doesn’t need time to dry. So the lead time is faster than extrusion. On the other hand, long rods cannot be manufactured by this method.


3. Cold Isostatic Press

Cold isostatic press(CIP) is the latest technology for making carbide rods. Because it can make long bars like 400mm but it doesn’t require wax-like extrusion, so it doesn’t need time to dry, either. This is the best option when making big diameters like 30mm and 40mm.


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