How To Choose Cemented Carbide Rods' Supplier

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How To Choose Cemented Carbide Rods' Supplier

How To Choose Cemented Carbide Rods' Supplier

After reading these 8 suggestions, you will know how to choose carbide rods' supplier


Cemented carbide rods cause of their great physical performance, are widely used for making cutting tools, mostly instead of high-speed steel. Even if the tungsten carbide rods' prices are higher than HSS rods, more people are like the tungsten carbide rods. The long work life of the hard-metal rods can help increase the effectiveness.

There are hundreds of tungsten carbide rods producer all over the world. How to choose the tungsten carbide rods' supplier?


1. Raw material

You have to choose the tungsten carbide rods which made from 100% virgin material. The producer must do chemical testing of every bat of the raw material.


2. Grades

Carbide rods for making cutting tools to machining different metals in different machining conditions. The carbide rods suppliers need to research and develop different carbide rods grades for different applications. It can make sure you can choose a suitable grade for your application.


3. The experience in producing the tungsten carbide rods

Some factories have rich experience in producing tungsten carbide products. They find there has a big market for the carbide rods, they start to produce cemented carbide rods. Even if the process of the tungsten carbide rods is similar to other carbide products. However, there are still has the differences. For example, the carbide rods with Straight coolant rod with 2 and 3 holes, if without experience, they can't control the straightness of the hole


4. Production line

Most of the carbide manufacturers produce the carbide rods with other tungsten carbide products in a workshop, same workers. If the cemented carbide factory has an independent production line for the carbide rods, it will be better. They can make sure the quality control in every process.


5. Production equipment

In China, there has a Chinese proverb that one can't make bricks without bricks without straw. The advanced equipments are very important, even if the engineers and workers have rich experience, without advanced equipments, they can't produce high-level quality tungsten carbide rods.

The main equipments are powder spray tower, isostatic pressing machine or extrusion machine, sintering machine


6. Quality control system

No matter for the raw material, production process, or the finished carbide rods, there has to be a strict quality control system in the whole process. Especially for the finished carbide rods, not only check the sizes piece by piece, the physical performance like the hardness, density, anti-bending strength, metallographic much be analyzed.



7. Grinding level

If you need carbide rods grinding in h6 or h5 tolerance, you need to check the grinding machine, grinding technical level. The cutting tools manufacturers know that how important the parallelism of the rods be. Although the physical of the carbide rods are good, without good parallelism, the cutting tools are easy to wear out or break.


8. Delivery time

Generally, the production time of the carbide rods needs 15-30 days.

You can choose those who have full sizes of the carbide rods in stock.

It can help you save waiting time. 


In all, For carbide cutting tools manufactories, They would prefer long cooperation terms. Choosing carbide rods is not like buying clothes, it is more like choosing a cooperation partner. So focus more on the raw material, production techniques, quality control will benefit more than focusing on the price. 


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