Why Chose ZZBETTER Tungsten Carbide Rods?

2022-02-25 Share


Why chose ZZBETTER tungsten carbide rods?

We are experienced in tungsten carbide tools production and management. Our company gathered the professional staff members in the area of designing, producing and sales. We produce various grades of tungsten carbide tools, which can be formed, sintered, and finely ground according to customer specifications. Which met global customer requirements by virtue of large-scale production, advanced process technologies, rapid and efficient new product development, strong supply capacity, and stable quality.

1. Tungsten carbide blanks production

We put emphasis on every production process of our carbide blanks. 100% virgin raw materials and advanced wet-milling, pressing machines, and sintering furnaces to make sure we carbide rods all have good quality.


2. Inspection and testing process

After the carbide rods are finished, to ensure the quality of all tungsten carbide rods, We will use a strict QC management system called “quality control center”. With our advanced inspection equipment and our professional inspectors, We are able to do raw materials inspection, on-site inspection, and after finishing inspection to ensure all high quality of your carbide products.


3. Advanced CNC equipment

We own a series of high-precision grind machines, For example, flat grinding machines, OD and ID machines, Centerless grinding machines, and customized grinders. Also, we have CNC machines, EDM, Wire-cutting machines drilling machines, etc. With our skilled workers, we can control the very high precision of each carbide part.


4. Packaging and shipping

We are making strict packing boxes according to different products to ensure the safety of the goods during the transportation process. Also, A wide range of shipping ways can be available for your shipments, like sea shipment, air shipment, train shipment, or express companies.


We guarantee that customers come first. We will supply our customers with quality products and efficient services, commit to what we can deliver, and deliver what we’ve committed to.

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