Tips For Buying Tungsten Carbide Bar

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There are some people because the amount of tungsten steel is not large or the method of use is relatively simple, they always like to take some of their own experiences as truth.


Mistake 1It is a well-cemented carbide rod that will not break when falling down from a height of one meter.

I often hear someone ask me a question, will the cemented carbide products fall down from a height of one-meter breaking? This depends on the specific situation. Two mobile phones, one falling down from a height of one meter, the front side is facing down, the glass is broken into hundreds of pieces, and the other side is falling down from the same height, there is no problem at all, so you can’t say, The former is of poor quality, and the latter is of good quality. The same is true for tungsten carbide. When it falls down, you need to judge where the force focus is. The size and length of the tungsten steel rod, the bending strength and hardness of the tungsten steel itself, and whether there is chamfer at both ends, all affect Whether the tungsten steel will be broken or there is a flaw in the reason.



Mistake 2Use color to judge the quality of cemented carbide

There are always some people who think that tungsten steel should be black and shiny. This idea is understandable. However, what we see here is that it has not been polished. Tungsten carbide can also be processed into a mirror surface. If there is no corrosion, it is completely biased White. The correct judgment should be of several kinds. The section (cross-section) of the cemented carbide is black. After rough grinding, it is also black after being placed for a period of time. Because the rough grinding surface is rough and exposed to the air for a long time, it will form oxidation. It will turn black. If it is a finely polished mirror surface, without any anti-rust oil-sealed package, it will also shine white after a long time.



Mistake 3Use weight to judge the quality of cemented carbide

Some people after buying cemented carbide, like to say that I can feel it in my hand. Your tungsten steel is lighter than others, so this is not as good as others. Different grades of tungsten carbide have different densities with different particle sizes. Generally speaking, it is generally between 13.5-15.2. For example, a 4*100 tungsten carbide round bar weighs about 0.02KG. That is 20 grams. If the density is lower, it is about 19 grams. In this way, No one can have such a level, can feel the error of this 1 gram by hand.




Finally, Zhuzhou better tungsten carbide co.,ltd believes that there is no best tungsten carbide, only the most suitable cemented carbide. Therefore, when you buy, you should tell your own real needs and uses. Use scientific data to find out which one is more suitable. That is the best tungsten carbide.



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