Uses And Advantages Of Cemented Carbide Rotary Files

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Uses and advantages of cemented carbide rotary files

Cemented carbide rotary files, also known as cemented carbide high-speed assorted milling cutters, cemented carbide mold milling cutters, etc., are used in conjunction with high-speed electric grinders or pneumatic tools.

Cemented carbide rotary files are widely used in industrial sectors such as machinery, automobiles, ships, chemicals, and craftsmanship.

Carbide rotary file can be used to process cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, hardened steel, copper, and aluminum. Because the cemented carbide rotary file is clamped on a high-speed rotating tool for manual control, the pressure and feed rate of the cemented carbide rotary file are determined by the service life and cutting effect of the tool.


It can finish machining various metal mold cavities; clean up flash, burrs, and welds of casting, forging, and weldments; chamfering, rounding, groove, and keyway processing of various mechanical parts; polishing of impeller runners; Cleaning the pipeline; finishing the surface of the inner hole of the mechanical parts; various metal and non-metal craft carvings, etc. It has been widely used in more developed countries in foreign countries and is an important means to improve production efficiency and realize the mechanization of a fitter. With the increasing number of users, it will become an indispensable tool for fitters and repairmen.


1. It can process metals such as cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and non-metals such as marble, jade, and bone. Processing hardness can reach HRA≥85.

2. It can replace the small grinding wheel with a handle, and there is no dust pollution.

3. High production efficiency. The processing efficiency is more than ten times higher than that of manual files and nearly ten times higher than that of small grinding wheels with handles.


4. Good processing quality and high finish. It can process a variety of high-precision mold cavities.

5. Long service life. The durability is ten times higher than that of high-speed steel cutting tools, and more than 200 times higher than that of small grinding wheels.

6. Easy to master, simple to use, safe and reliable.

7. The comprehensive processing cost can be reduced dozens of times.

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