Characteristics And General Knowledge Of Rotary File

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Characteristics and general knowledge of rotary file

Cemented carbide rotary burrs are mainly driven by power tools or pneumatic tools (can also be installed on high-speed machine tools).


First, the characteristics of tungsten carbide rotary burr files:

1. All kinds of metals (including hardened steel) and non-metallic materials (such as marble, jade, bone) below HRC70 can be machined at will.

2. Tungsten carbide rotary burr files can replace the small grinding wheel with a handle in most of the work, and there is no dust pollution.

3. Carbide burrs efficiency is high, which is tens of times higher than that of a manual file and nearly ten times higher than that of the small grinding wheel with a handle.

4. The burr of the rotary file has the advantages of good processing quality and high finish, It can produce high-precision mold cavities of various shapes.

5. Tungsten carbide rotary burrs service life is long, which is ten times higher than that of high-speed steel tools and 200 times higher than that of less grinding wheels.

6. Cemented carbide rotary burr files are easy to use, It is safe and reliable, It also can reduce labor intensity and improve the situation of the working environment.

7. It can improve efficiency and reduce cost.



Second, general knowledge of tungsten carbide rotary file:

1. Speed requirements: generally, the speed is 6000-50000rpm/min

2. Clamping requirements: the tool should be clamped and righted when in use.

3. Usage: according to the specification of the rotary file, select the tool suitable for rotational speed and torsion. the cutting direction should move uniformly from right to left, not reciprocating cutting, excessive force, and excessive pressure.

4. Safety protection: the tool rotates at a high speed. In order to prevent the splash of the cutting pin, the operator must wear protective glasses.


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