The Difference Between Silver Welding And Copper Welding

2022-02-23 Share


The difference between silver welding and copper welding

First, different welding materials.

1. The silver welding materials: including silver welding rod, silver welding wire, silver welding pad, silver welding ring, silver flat wire, silver welding powder, and so on.

2. Copper welding materials: apply copper and copper alloy welding materials.


Second, different applications.

1. Silver welding: used in refrigeration, lighting, hardware and electrical appliances, instruments, chemical industry, aerospace, and other industrial manufacturing fields.

2. Copper welding: suitable for welding copper and copper pipe joints of air conditioners, freezers, and refrigerators, as well as TIG and MIG welding, widely used in automobile, ship, electrical and other manufacturing industries.



Third, the characteristics are different.

1. Silver welding: silver welding is a kind of silver or silver-based solid deep electrode, which has excellent technological properties, low melting point, good wettability, and the ability to fill gaps, as well as high strength, good plasticity, good electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance. it can be used to braze all ferrous and non-ferrous metals except aluminum, magnesium, and other low melting point metals.


2. Copper welding: Its brazing temperature is 710-810 , low melting point, good fluidity, low cost, silver saving, and silver substitute. Copper also has good corrosion resistance to the atmosphere and seawater, It mainly welds conductive copper bars, ducts, and other copper structures. For inorganic acids (except nitric acid), organic acids have corrosion resistance, suitable for copper, silicon bronze, and brass welding.


However for rotary files, the most important thing is not silver welding or copper welding, but welding technology. Although some manufacturers are using silver welding, because the welding technology is not good, the welded products will still fall off the handle.

The welding technology of our ZZBETTER factory is first-class standard, and the copper-welded rotary file products in our factory are not easy to take off the handle, and the effect is the same as the silver-welded products. Even hammering hard with a hammer on it will not take off the handle, and the grinding head will not break. If you wanna know more, or you want the silver welding carbide rotary burrs, welcome to contact us!

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