How to Produce Carbide Tips

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How to Produce Carbide Tips


I. Control of raw and auxiliary materials. 

1. Raw material of tungsten carbide powder and cobalt powder will be tested before being used to make tungsten carbide tools. We will use metallographic analysis, it is determined that the particle size of WC fluctuates within a certain range, and at the same time, trace elements and total carbon are strictly controlled.

2. The ball milling test is carried out for each batch of WC purchased, and the basic data such as hardness, bending strength, cobalt magnetism, coercive force, and density are analyzed to fully grasp its physical properties. 


II. Manufacturing process control. 

1. Ball milling and mixing, which is the process of granulation, which determines the loose ratio and fluidity of the mixture. Our company adopts the latest advanced spray granulation equipment to effectively solve the fluidity of the mixture. 


2. Pressing, which is the process of product forming, we adopt an automatic press or TPA press to produce, Thus reducing the influence of human factors on the pressing embryo. 

3. Sintering, Our company adopts low-pressure sintering technology to ensure a uniform atmosphere in the furnace, and automatic control of heating, heating, cooling, and carbon balance in the sintering process. 


III. Product testing. 

1. First, we will use sandblasting or passivation of cemented carbide tips to fully expose defective products. 

2. Then, we will carry out the metallographic examination of the fracture surface of the product, Thus to ensure a uniform internal structure. 


3. All of the tests and analyses of the physical and technical parameters, including the hardness, the strength, the cobalt magnetism, the magnetic force, and some other technical indicators, Finally meet the requirements corresponding to the grade. 

4. After all of the tests, we will carry on the welding test of the product to ensure the stability of welding performance. 

This is the process of producing these tiny carbide tips, It’s complicated but worth it.

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