Different Types And Uses Of Dental Burs

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Different Types And Uses Of Dental Burs


What are dental burs? How are they used in dental procedures? This article will talk about the different types of dental burs and their functions and uses. We will also tackle the topic of which bur should be used in specific dental procedures.

What are dental burs used for?

Dental burs are small attachments that are used with a dental handpiece. Their usefulness is mostly in preparation methods for various dental procedures. Several different dental burs can be used across many different dental procedures.

Types of dental burs


Different types of dental burs are available for the various dental procedures that a dental clinic offers. The most common types that are in use are diamond burs and carbide burs. Here is a list of the different dental burs and their uses.

Steel burs

This type of dental bur is used to prepare a tooth for cavity treatments. In comparison to other dental burs like diamond burs and ceramic burs, steel burs tend to be less durable and break more easily.

Diamond burs

This type of dental bur is used for polishing teeth and when smooth cutting is required. Diamond burs are made of the world’s hardest material. Diamond burs are used when extreme precision is required in a dental procedure. Diamond burs tend to last longer than any man-made materials, so this type of dental bur is very durable. But also very expensive.


Ceramic burs

This type of dental bur does not heat up as much as other dental burs because ceramic does not conduct as much heat. This type of dental bur is used to adjust acrylic pieces that are used in dental procedures.

Carbide burs

Carbide burs offer a smoother finish on the teeth than diamond burs. Carbide burs are mostly used in preparing the teeth for dental fillings and shaping the bones before other procedures. Old fillings can also be removed by using carbide burs.

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