PDC Cutter For Oil And Gas Drilling

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PDC Cutter For Oil And Gas Drilling


In the process of human development, millions of tools have been used to make holes, but there is one bit ruling them all. In the drilling minute, the most prevalent type of oil and gas drill bit today is the PDC drill bit. It has been known for a long time that shearing is the most efficient way to fail most tock types. But for most of that time, the cutting elements of materials available to cut the rock were either too small or would wear down too fast to drill economically, and then came PDC.

The focal point of a PDC bit is the polycrystal and diamond cutters, which is where it gets its name. The cutters are usually cylinders with a man-made black diamond cutting face, engineered to withstand the extreme abrasion impact and heat that comes from drilling through rock. The diamond layer and substrate are sintered under ultra-high pressure and ultra-high temperature. The diamond is grown on the carbide substrate, not coated. They are firmly combined. The PDC cutters are used in nearly all applications including geothermal energy drilling, mining, water well, natural gas drilling, and oil well drilling.

The PDC cutters are arranged into a 3d geometry called the cutting structure. The cutting structure may seem simple, but it’s often the most complex part of a bit design and usually drives the performance of the bit. For a PDC bit to function reliably, the cutting structure has to remain intact. For this reason, the cutters are usually aligned into rows, allowing the cutting structure to be held together by large blades.

PDC bits bodies are all made of steel at the pinned connection, and transition to a tungsten carbide composite material on the outer surfaces. The bit bodies are matrix or steel depending on how they are manufactured and how much tungsten carbide is used. PDC bits can be designed with a nearly infinite combination of variables modified for the unique needs of different and changing drilling applications. Today, more than 70% of the drilled bits used in oil and gas drilling are PDCs. While bit design is critical, no PDC bit can function without PDC cutters.

ZZbetter has focused on PDC cutter for more than 15 years. The shape of zzbetter PDC Cutter includes:

1. Flat PDC cutter

2. Spherical PDC button

3. Parabolic PDC button, front button

4. Conical PDC button

5. Square PDC cutters

6. Irregular PDC cutters

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