PDC Cutter with the Second Chamfer on the Diamond Layer

2022-06-13 Share

PDC Cutter with the Second Chamfer on the Diamond Layer


The reinforced PDC cutters 

PDC cutters constitute the basic cutting unit of PDC bits, and their performance is crucial to the drilling effect of PDC bits. Overseas bit manufacturers have developed a series of new PDC cutters in order to improve the drilling efficiency in hard formation, abrasive formation, and heterogeneous formation and cut down the drilling costs. 

The reinforced PDC cutters with the Second chamfer on the diamond layer

The reinforced diamond elements are designed with new geometries in the vulnerable parts of conventional PDC cutters to improve cutter performance while protecting cutters, adding this cutter bit Footage in difficult-to-drill formations, extending its life.


The reinforced PDC cutters introduce a second chamfer on the surface of the diamond layer, allowing the cutters to withstand higher loads without damage. Compared to conventional geometry cutters, the impact strength of these cutters is up to 3 times higher.

The wear resistance of the reinforced cutting teeth is also improved. The newly added bevel on the surface of the diamond layer spreads the pressure over a larger area, reducing the stress gradient on the cutting edge. Due to the enhanced protection of the 2nd chamfer to prevent chipping and chipping of the cutting teeth, the wear surface is often limited to the 1st chamfer area. This extends the life of the diamond face, cutters, and bit, extending the bit's efficient drilling time.

Because of its ability to protect efficient cutting edges and reduce chipping and chipping, the cutter bits can drill for longer periods in hard formations at ROPs comparable to or higher than conventional cutter bits, and the resulting less torque, fewer cuttings, and cleaner boreholes.

The PDC cutter is the main component of the PDC bit, and its thermal stability, anti-wear, and impact resistance greatly affect the ROP and service life of the PDC bit. Continued innovations in unique geometries, superhard materials, and manufacturing processes have driven advances in cutter technology that have significantly improved drill performance.

The PDC manufacturer should never stop their step to carry out the research and development of PDC cutter bits, give full play to the respective advantages of unique geometric cutters, and provide technical support for the speed and efficiency of hot dry rock drilling. The unique geometric cutters can be adapted to cut rocks with higher hardness and more abrasiveness, deepwater drilling, ultra-deep well drilling

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