Brazing Rods Used for PDC Cutter Welding

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Brazing rods used for PDC cutter welding

Brazing rods used for PDC cutter welding

What's the brazing rods

Brazing rods are filler metals used in the brazing process, which is a joining technique that uses heat and a filler material to bond two or more metal pieces together, such as steel to steel or copper to copper. The brazing rods are typically made of a metal alloy that has a lower melting point than the base metals being joined. Common types of brazing rods include brass, bronze, silver, and aluminum alloys. The specific type of brazing rod used depends on the materials being joined and the desired properties of the final joint.


The type of brazing rods

The type of brazing rods used depends on the specific application and the materials being joined. Some common types of brazing rods include:

1. Brass Brazing Rods: These rods are made of a copper-zinc alloy and are commonly used for joining copper, brass, and bronze materials.

2. Bronze Brazing Rods: Bronze rods are made of copper-tin alloys and are often used for joining steel, cast iron, and other ferrous metals.

3. Silver Brazing Rods: Silver rods contain a high percentage of silver and are used for joining a wide range of metals, including copper, brass, stainless steel, and nickel alloys. They provide strong and reliable joints.

4. Aluminum Brazing Rods: These rods are specifically designed for joining aluminum and aluminum alloys. They typically contain silicon as the main alloying element.

5. Flux-coated Brazing Rods: Some brazing rods come with a flux coating, which helps to remove oxides and improve the flow of the filler metal during the brazing process. Flux-coated rods are commonly used for brazing copper, brass, and bronze materials.


The brazing rods used for PDC cutter welding

PDC cutters are brazed to the steel or matrix body of PDC drill bit. According to the heating method, the brazing method can be divided into flame brazing, vacuum brazing, vacuum diffusion bonding, high-frequency induction brazing, laser beam welding, etc. The Flame brazing is easy to operate and widely used.

When brazing PDC cutters, it is important to use a brazing rod with a melting point lower than the PDC cutter material to prevent damage to the cutter. The brazing process involves heating the brazing rod and the PDC cutter assembly to a specific temperature, allowing the brazing alloy to melt and flow between the cutter and the substrate, creating a strong bond. Generally, the silver brazing alloys are commonly used for PDC cutter welding, it is usually composed of silver, copper, and other elements to achieve the desired properties. These alloys have a high content of silver, a low melting point and good wetting properties. The high silver content ensures good wetting and bonding between the PDC cutter and the drill bit body material.

There are silver brazing rods and silver brazing plate, which can both be used for welding PDC cutters. Basically a silver brazing rods with 45% to 50% silver is suitable for PDC cutter welding. The recommend grade of silver brazing rods and plate is Bag612 grade, which has a 50% content of silver.



Recommend Grade

Sivler content


Silver brazing rods




Silver brazing plate




The brazing temperature when welding PDC cutters.

The failure temperature of the polycrystalline diamond layer is around 700°C, so the temperature of the diamond layer must be controlled below 700°C during the welding process, usually 630~650℃

Overall, brazing rods play a crucial role in PDC cutter welding, ensuring a strong and reliable bond between the PDC cutter and the drill bit body, which is essential for the performance and durability of drilling tools in the oil and gas industry.

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