Powerful Water-jet Cutting Nozzles

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Powerful Water-jet Cutting Nozzles


The so-called "water-jet cutting nozzles" is to pressurize the sealed water with a high pressure pump, and spray out from the very thin nozzle, which is made of advanced cemented carbide, sapphire, diamond, etc., to cut the material.

To achieve this, there is a relatively high demand for water, pipes and spouts. Such as the pipeline, the water-jet cutting nozzles is shot out after the water is pressurized with a high pressure tool, and must have a very high pressure to cut the hard cutting material, so the pipeline must be able to withstand a very high pressure, the pressure is much greater than 700 mpa, because the thin steel plate (the material to be cut) can withstand 700 mpa of pressure itself.

Because the water pressure is much greater than 700 mpa, therefor, sealing equipment such as pipes, no matter how good the sealing performance, pure water will always wear them and leak. In order to solve this problem, 5% soluble emulsified oil should be added to the water-jet cutting nozzles to improve the sealing effect. For high pressure pumps, it is also necessary to add some oil to improve its sealing performance.

The nozzle of the water-jet cutting nozzles is made of cemented carbide, sapphire and other materials, the diameter of the nozzle is only 0.05 mm, and the inner wall of the hole is smooth and flat, and can withstand the pressure of 1700 mpa, so the high-pressure water sprayed out can cut the material like a sharp knife. Some water is also added to some long-chain polymers, such as polyethylene oxide, to increase the "viscosity" of the water, so that the water is sprayed like a "thin line".

High pressure water-jet cutting nozzles can quickly cut almost all materials: glass, rubber, fiber, fabric, steel, stone, plastic, titanium, chromium and other non-ferrous metals, composite materials, stainless steel, reinforced concrete, colloids, soil. It can be said that in addition to diamond and tempered glass (fragile) there is no high pressure water jet cutting machine can not cut things.And it can safely cut through flammable and explosive items, such as demolition cuts used in abandoned shells and bombs. The incision of water cutting is fine (about 1-2MM), the cutting accuracy is high (0.0002mm, two thousandths of a millimeter), and a variety of complex graphics can be cut freely. The incision of water jet cutting is smooth, no burr, no heating and no annealing phenomenon, and the section is flat. It is widely used in aircraft parts, precision mechanical gears, printers, walk-man gears, machinery parts and so on.

What is ultra-high pressure water cutting?

Ultra-high pressure water cutting, also known as water knife and water jet, is the high energy (380MPa) water flow generated by ordinary water after multi-stage pressurization, and then through a very fine ruby nozzle (Φ0.1-0.35mm), spraying cutting at a speed of nearly kilometers per second, this cutting method is called ultra-high pressure water cutting. From the structural form, there can be a variety of forms, such as: two to three CNC shaft gantry structure and cantilever structure, this structure is mostly used for cutting plate; Five to six CNC axis of the robot structure, this structure is mostly used for cutting automotive interior parts and car lining. Water quality, ultra-high pressure water cutting has two forms, one is pure water cutting, its slit is about 0.1-1.1mm; The second is to add abrasive cutting, and its slit is about 0.8-1.8mm.

Use of ultra-high pressure water cutting

There are three main uses of water cutting:

1.One is to cut non-combustible materials, such as marble, tile, glass, cement products and other materials, which is hot cutting and can not be processed materials.

2.The second is to cut combustible materials, such as steel, plastic, cloth, polyurethane, wood, leather, rubber, etc., the past thermal cutting can also process these materials, but it is easy to produce burning zones and burrs, but water cutting processing will not produce burning zones and burrs, the physical and mechanical properties of the cut material do not change, which is also a major advantage of water cutting.

3.The third is the cutting of flammable and explosive materials, such as ammunition and flammable and explosive environments, which can not be replaced by other processing methods.

Advantages of water cutting:

4.CNC forming a variety of complex patterns; 

5.Cold cutting, no thermal deformation or thermal effect; 

6.Environmental protection and pollution-free, no toxic gases and dust; 

7.Can process a variety of high hardness materials, such as: glass, ceramics, stainless steel, etc., or relatively soft materials, such as: leather, rubber, paper diapers; 

8.It is the only means of complex processing of some composite materials and fragile porcelain materials; 

9.The incision is smooth, no slag, no need for secondary processing; 

10.Can complete drilling, cutting, molding work; 

11.Low production cost; 

12.High degree of automation; 

13.24 hours continuous work.

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