An Experiment of Two Carbide Burrs

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An Experiment of Two Carbide Burrs

An Experiment of Two Carbide Burrs

ZZBETTER's Carbide Burrs

General Carbide Burrs


We have more than 300 professional automatic machine tools, the annual output of 6 million carbide burrs; from powder to finished products can be produced in ZZBETTER. We have a complete set of hard alloy production equipment, from blanks pressing to steel machining, we can all complete on our own.

Need to purchase materials from different factories, which causes low production efficiency; meanwhile the production process coherence and consistency can also be improved. However, the overall level of automation in other  general manufactures is still low.

2.Material of the Product

The material we use is No. 45 steel with a hardness between 42-47HRC and good seismic stability. Also, ZZBETTER tungsten carbide burrs apply high nickel stainless material to manufacture the steel shank. Most importantly,we apply 100% raw materials.

Most of the other carbide burr suppliers just purchase recycled material YG8, and recycled material alloy contains iron, which is easy to rust in a humid environment. The handle on the market mainly uses No. 40 chrome, or hardness lower than HRC40, which is easy to bend.

3.Welding Manner

We apply Ag-Cu-Ag round weld sheet to achieve better weld results. Different from pure copper sheet, Ag-Cu-Ag round weld sheet has lower melting point of around 700℃. So the tungsten carbide burrs will get less effect of melting during welding. Our carbide burrs will not rust even if left in water for a long time.

At present, most of the domestic market is brazing, brazing temperature is 1200 degrees, and Co will begin to liquefy at 1100 degrees, this way of welding can easily make the alloy part crack.

4.Testing/Quality Check

For testing the quality of tungsten carbide burrs, some destructive tests will be carried out. The sample will be taken from every batch of the final tungsten carbide burrs. A range of tests will be took to test their tensile strength, and ability of torsion resistance and impact resistance.

Nearly no testing, so a lot of problems will occur, like a broken shank or cutting head fall off.


ZZBETTER tungsten carbide burrs have more smooth and brighter surface because we apply 100% raw material to produce the tungsten carbide burrs to ensure the high quality of tungsten carbide burrs. And when machining the tungsten carbide burrs, we apply our grinding wheel and machines in more precision.

Not that smooth and bright on the surface. Fading and rusty after putting  in the water for a while. 

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