Precautions during the Water Jet Cutting

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Precautions during the Water Jet Cutting


Waterjet cutting is becoming more popular around the world because of the versatility and the benefits it can provide to a wide range of industries. Water jet cutting technology is widely used in aerospace, automotive to food processing. It is very close to our common life as well.

Everyone knows that water is "soft" and has no shape, however, water jet cutting uses water to become the "sharpest" cutting tool. The cutting tool can cut kinds of metals, stones, glass, and foods under high pressure. The power of the water jet is from the pressure and abrasives and the strongest water jet can easily cut even 30 cm steel plates. The water jet cuts different applications then the power also is different. However, no matter which water jet cutting is not an ordinary person can withstand if the water is cut to the body. So it is essential to keep a certain distance from the water jet machine. And use them correctly and comply with the usage specifications. Then it will decrease the accidents and extend the machine's working life as well.


What matters we should pay attention to during the water jet cutting?   

1. The machine should be turned off at once and dealt with if the water jet machine has failed in working

2. Wear masks and goggles according to the use situation and working environment.

3. Flatten the cutting surface during the cutting process so as not to damage the tungsten carbide water jet abrasive tubes and cause accidents.

4. The equipment should be suspended when taking materials and changing water jet cutting nozzles.

5. Install the water jet cutting tubes should use the correct installation process steps.

6. Make sure the water is clean and without impurities.

7. The abrasive grain size needs to suit the water jet focusing tube hole.

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