The Correct Installation Methods of Waterjet Nozzles

2022-06-21 Share

The Correct Installation Methods of Waterjet Nozzles


If the installation methods of water jet focusing tubes are not correct, the water jet will cause the dispersion of the cutting water flow. What’s more, the improper installation will affect the cutting results and even damage the water jet abrasive tubes, which cannot reach the intended cutting life. The correct installation method can greatly improve the cutting efficiency and life. Therefore, the method and steps of installing the water jet cutting pipe are very important. The following is the correct installation method for the water jet nozzles.

1. Check water jet accessories 

Checking the ruby orifice, water jet abrasive tube, and water jet tube clamp is clean or not before installing the waterjet mixing tube. If there are any impurities, they must be cleaned up in time.


2. Test the water flow straight line

Loosen the lock nut with a wrench, adjust, and install the focus orifice. Turn on the water jet machine, if the water flow is vertical and not scattered, install the waterjet cutting nozzle. If it is not concentrated, it is necessary to twist or replace the orifice to a vertical concentration and then install the water jet mixing tube.

After the water jet cutting pipe is installed, debug it with low-pressure without abrasive water until the sprayed water column is straight and has no color dispersion. Ensure that the focusing tube and the focusing orifice are absolutely concentric before adding abrasive to cut normally. If the water column is scattered, please adjust the installation direction and depth of the water jet abrasive tube. And replace the lock nut and clamping sleeve.


3. Rotate use water jet tubes

After the water jet abrasive tube is used for about 10 hours, please rotate the tungsten carbide water jet tube. Change orientation and rotate it about 120 degrees. Make the tungsten carbide tube wear more evenly and increase the cutting life.

As the water jet focus tubes are made of pure tungsten carbide material, this material has high hardness and high wear resistance. However, it will be easily broken when hit with hard tools. So when installing, rotating, or using the tungsten carbide tubes make sure the tube is not hit other hard things.

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