The Ridged Diamond Cutting Element

2022-06-14 Share

The Ridged Diamond Cutting Element


PDC cutters constitute the basic cutting unit of PDC bits, and their performance is crucial to the drilling effect of PDC bits. Overseas bit manufacturers have never stopped the research and development of PDC cutter bits. 


The Ridged diamond cutting element has a unique geometry that combines the shearing action of conventional PDC cutters with the compression of tungsten carbide inserts (TCI). The ridged diamond element can be used with matrix and steel-bodied bits to drill unconventional good intervals continuously through the vertical, curve, and lateral. 

The crushing function in one, the advantages are as follows:

(1)Increased cutting efficiency for instant ROP improvement 

The crushing and shearing action of the Axe element achieves at least 22% deeper penetration to provide higher instantaneous ROP using the same weight on bit and rpm applied to conventional PDC cutters. The key is in the ridge-shaped geometry, which yields a diamond table that is 70% thicker than a conventional cutter while providing higher frontal impact resistance. This feature translates into improved durability and dull conditions for maintaining maximum ROP throughout the run. 

(2)Enhanced control in directional applications 

The reduced cutting force required by drill bits translates to less overall torque, reduced reactive torque fluctuation, and better tool face control in curve applications. This advantage enables better build rates and higher overall ROPs, helping maximize production zone exposure and minimize drilling time.


Compared with conventional PDC cutters, the thickness of the diamond layer is increased by 70%. Combined with the patented formula of polycrystalline diamond particle size distribution and the optimal material, the frontal impact resistance is improved, and the durability of the drill bit is significantly enhanced. Thereby prolonging the service life and increasing the ROP (rate of penetration); Combined, these features give the ridge even more strength and resistance to impact and wear, along with more efficient cutting and heat dissipation. This translates into improved durability and dull conditions for maintaining maximum ROP throughout the run.

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