The Working Principle of Rotary Water Well Drilling Rig -2

2022-04-16 Share

The Working Principle of Rotary Water Well Drilling Rig -2


Some rotary drilling rigs are equipped with mud pumps and air compressors, and different well-cleaning methods can be selected according to the situation.

A hydraulic power head drilling rig is a kind of rotary drilling rig. It is driven by a hydraulic motor through a reducer and a powerhead that moves up and down along the tower and replaces the turntable and water tap on the rotary drilling rig to drive the drill pipe and drill bit to rotate and cut the rock formation. The large-diameter water well can be drilled with a drill bit with a diameter up to 1 meter. It is characterized by fast drilling speed, easy loading, and unloading of drilling tools and downhole pipes. There is no need to lift the drilling tool, the hoist, lifting block to extend the drill pipe. 

A down-the-hole vibratory rotary drilling rig is a rotary drilling rig that drills into rock formations by vibrating and rotary. The drilling tool consists of a drill bit, a vibrator, a vibration absorber, and a guide cylinder. 

The exciting force generated by the vibrator makes the whole drilling tool perform cone pendulum motion. The drill bit is sleeved on the outside of the vibrator shell through a friction ring. It vibrates horizontally with the vibrator at a frequency of about 1000 rpm and an amplitude of about 9 mm. When breaking the rock formation, the drill pipe doesn't rotary. And the vibration damper prevents the vibration from being transmitted to the drill pipe. The well is flush by the reverse circulation of compressed air to flood the cuttings out of the well through the conduit located in the center of the vibrator and the drill pipe. The drilling rig has a simple structure and high drilling efficiency. The hole diameter is about 600 mm, and the drilling depth can reach 150 meters.

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