Things We Should Know About Cemented Carbide MoldsThings We Should Know About Cemented Carbide Molds

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Things We Should Know About Cemented Carbide Molds

Things We Should Know About Cemented Carbide MoldsThings We Should Know About Cemented Carbide Molds

Cemented carbide mold is a mold material with high hardness, high wear resistance, high precision carbide , usually used in turning, milling, grinding and other processes. Its usage and precautions are as follows:

1. Things to know

a) Design

When designing a carbide mold, the appropriate carbide mold structure and processing technology should be selected according to product characteristics, production requirements and physical properties of the carbide mold material to ensure the accuracy, stability and reliability of the carbide mold.

b) Manufacturing

The manufacture of cemented carbide molds needs to be based on specific standards and processes, including material selection, processing technology, heat treatment technology, precision grinding and other links. During the manufacturing process, scientific and standardized manufacturing standards must be followed to ensure the quality and service life of the carbide mold.

c) Installation

Flexible and stable carbide mold installation plays an important role in ensuring product quality and production efficiency. When installing the carbide mold, it is necessary to select the appropriate fixtures, fixtures and tools according to the structure, size and nature of the carbide mold to ensure that the carbide mold can be accurately and firmly fixed on the processing equipment.

d)  Maintaining

Before the carbide mold is used, the carbide mold needs to be debugged, including steps such as adjusting the carbide mold size, verifying the machining accuracy and testing the machining effect. Only after all the indicators meet the requirements can it be officially put into production, and it is necessary to continue to pay attention to the wear and tear of the carbide mold, and carry out timely maintenance and replacement.

2. Cautions

a)  Carbide mold storage

Cemented carbide molds have the characteristics of high hardness and high wear resistance, but they also have high brittleness and are easily damaged by external force impact and extrusion. Therefore, when the carbide mold is stored, care should be taken to avoid being affected by external physical and chemical factors for a long time. It is recommended to use special carbide mold storage cabinets, boxes and other equipment during the storage process to ensure the quality and safety of the carbide mold.

b) Carbide mold maintenance

Once the cemented carbide mold is damaged, the repair cost will be very high. Therefore, during the use of the carbide mold, it should be maintained and inspected regularly. It is recommended to carry out cleaning, coating and anti-corrosion treatment. At the same time, it also needs to be inspected, calibrated and maintained regularly to ensure the normal use of the carbide mold and prolong the service life of the carbide mold.

c) Processing

In the process of using cemented carbide molds for processing, it is important to pay attention to the selection of suitable cutting fluid, maintain appropriate cutting speed and feed speed, and regularly clean the tool, check the fit of the tool holder and the tool holder, so as to avoid damage to the carbide mold tool or the machining accuracy is reduced.

In conclusion, in order to ensure the service life of the carbide mold, effectively use the carbide mold and achieve the goal of maximizing production efficiency. It is necessary to consider factors such as the processing technology and the use environment of the carbide mold. It is also necessary to protect and maintain the carbide mold while using it.

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