Why Carbide Button Sometimes Are Easily Broken or Worn Out When Drilling

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Why Carbide Button Sometimes Are Easily Broken or Worn Out When Drilling

Why Carbide Button Sometimes Are Easily Broken or Worn Out When Drilling

Following are 4 pictures from a customer

Why Carbide Button Sometimes Are Easily Broken or Worn Out When Drilling

A couple of days before,we received some pictures from our customers; and he gave us some complaints of our carbide buttons products, which really got us thinking. Above were some pictures about the drill bit with broken carbide buttons, which cannot be used any longer. So what caused short using life of cemented carbide buttons for drilling and mining?

We analyzed the reason might be this: the fit between carbide buttons and the drill bit is not enough, so carbide buttons are easy to fall out or fall in when drilling, especially the lateral sides. Compared with falling outthe carbide buttons that fall inside of the drill bit would cause even worse wear problem because the hardness of cemented carbide is high, and the internal wear is serious, which will directly lead to the scrapping of the whole drill bit.

How can we solve this problem and improve the service life of the whole drill bit?

According to this situation, we have two solutions below:

First: don't buy the buttons that have been ground but buy blanks to process and fine grinding themselves according to the drill bit hole.

Second: we directly make the best tolerance according to the size and requirements provided by the customer, and then buyers drill the holes according to our products to increase the suitability.


The above is the problem and my suggestions, but of course we should use carbide buttons reasonably and always think thoroughly about “ what kind of cemented carbide button should be used based on the test, and be chosen according to the actual situation? ”

In the process of rational use of cemented carbide buttons, the following points should be paid attention to:

1. Don't treat it casually because of wear resistance. Any drill bit needs to monitor its use at any time. Once an abnormality is found, if it is repaired in time, the carbide button drill bit is no exception. We must always pay attention to whether it has a "cracking" phenomenon or peeling. When this happens, it means that the wear of the drill affects its use, and it needs to be repaired. When the rock drilling speed of the rock drill drops significantly, we should also consider that it may be due to excessive wear of the drill.

2. Brute force should not be used during the operation. The propulsion force should be reduced to reduce the stress of the carbide button drill bit. At the same time, a large amount of water should be used for scouring to remove the impurities generated during the operation in time. Attention should also be paid to the use of flushing water, continuous flushing should be started, and the flushing should be started early when just working. Otherwise, it will cause the temperature of the drill tool to rise and then suddenly encounter water to cool down and cause cracks.


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