Judgment of Failure Form of Cemented Carbide Button

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Judgment of Failure Form of Cemented Carbide Button

The main failure modes of cemented carbide button are: abrasive wear, thermal fatigue, spalling, internal cracks, fracture of non-exposed parts of the carbide button, shear fracture, and surface cracks. Accurately judging the failure mode of cemented carbide ball tooth is an important prerequisite to analyze its failure cause and take measures to improve its life.

undefinedEach failure of cemented carbide button has its own characteristics, and although several other failure modes have similarities, they can also find their own characteristics as long as they are carefully observed. The difficulty is that usually the damage of spherical gear alloys is rarely seen with only one failure mechanism, and often several failure modes occur simultaneously.


To figure out what the main problem is, one has to look closely at the balls on multiple failed bits used in the same place. For the carbide button in the same ring of the drill bit, the bearing capacity is very similar, so by observing a large number of carbide button on a ring at various stages, the main failure method can be found. During the observation process, the following aspects should be observed:


1. The place where the most damage to the carbide button occurs, and this damage often occurs;

2. The section of the ball tooth where the starting point of the fracture cannot be found should be included;

3. Multiple carbide button have the same type of crack origin.


ZZBETTER supplies a large number of cemented carbide button, which are produced from raw materials, with good product quality, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high hardness and long service life.


ZZBETTER's tungsten carbide buttons:

Advantages of tungsten carbide buttons

1. Having unique working performance

2. High hardness and good wear resistance

3. Widely used in mining of various rocks and oil drilling.

4. Suitable for crushing very strong granite, limestone and poor iron ore, etc.

Applications of tungsten carbide buttons

1. Oil drilling and shoveling, snow plow machines and other equipment.

2. Used for coal drilling tools, mining machinery tools and road maintenance tools.

3. used in quarrying, mining, tunneling, and civil construction.

4. DTH Drill bit, thread drill bit and other drill bits.


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