Why Carbide Button Gear Abrasive Wear Fails?

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Why Carbide Button Gear Abrasive Wear Fails

Any product will fail under long-term operation, and cemented carbide button are no exception. Today we will learn why cemented carbide button wear and fail!

In the process of rock drilling, the rock is broken by severe impact, so as to achieve the purpose of drilling holes in the rock. During this process, the carbide button must collide and rub against the rock, which inevitably wears out. Wear is a normal failure of carbide button without fracture of carbide buttons. Due to the wear caused by the collision and friction between the carbide button and the rock, it can no longer be used to drill the rock. The hard particles in the rock are first plowed into the softer binder phase portion of the carbide tine and are preferentially ground away. During the subsequent cutting motion, the WC grains that lost the protection of the binder phase were further exfoliated, thereby grinding away a small part of the alloy button.



Due to the loading of the rock drill, the alloy teeth are constantly worn, and the relative movement and contact area between the alloy and the rock are increasing, which accelerates the wear of the carbide button. The higher the relative movement speed of the button and the rock, the larger the contact area, the greater the propulsion pressure of the rock drilling machine, and the faster the wear.


The normal wear surface is a smooth surface like a flat surface, but when the alloy hardness is low and the rock is hard, the wear surface will show some obvious wear marks. Generally speaking, the wear and force of the middle teeth and the side teeth are different. The greater the linear velocity of the teeth or teeth near the edge during work, the greater the relative friction with the rock and the more serious the wear.


Wear failure is inevitable, but high-quality carbide balls can be purchased to minimize the possibility of failure.


ZZBETTER supplies a large number of cemented carbide button, which are produced from raw materials, with good product quality, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high hardness and long service life.


ZZBETTER’s tungsten carbide buttons:

Advantages of tungsten carbide buttons

1. Having unique working performance

2. High hardness and good wear resistance

3. Widely used in mining of various rocks and oil drilling.

4. Suitable for crushing very strong granite, limestone and poor iron ore, etc.

Applications of tungsten carbide buttons

1. Oil drilling and shoveling, snow plow machines and other equipment.

2. Used for coal drilling tools, mining machinery tools and road maintenance tools.

3. used in quarrying, mining, tunneling, and civil construction.

4. DTH Drill bit, thread drill bit and other drill bits.



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