Tungsten Carbide Plate

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Tungsten Carbide Plate


ZZbetter carbide has a professional production line with strict quality for carbide tools and we have more than 20 years of experience in researching and manufacturing tungsten carbide products such as carbide molds & dies, and carbide strips, inserts & cutting tools, carbide rods, and plates, etc. High-quality carbide products rely on 100% virgin raw materials and advanced wet-milling, pressing machines, and sintering furnaces. We put focus on every production process of our carbide tools. We have high-precision grind machines, and skilled workers to control the very high precision of each carbide part.

Tungsten carbide plate is widely used in electronic industries, motor rotors, stators, LED lead frames, silicon steel, etc. It has high density, high hardness, and wear resistance and is an excellent material for a variety of tool parts. The main alloy ingredients of the carbide plate are WC and CO, and the ingredients of WC and CO are different according to various applications. It has good durability and impact resistance, which can be used in hardware and standard stamping molds. The tungsten carbide plates must be strictly checked, guaranteeing any injuries, such as pores, bubbles, cracks, etc.

Here are some advantages of carbide plates:

1. It has excellent thermal stability and high-temperature resistance.

2. Keeping high mechanical temperature.

3. Good thermal shock resistance.

4. High heat transfer.

5. Excellent oxidation control.

6. Corrosion resistance at high temperatures.

7. Excellent anti-chemical corrosion resistance.

8. High Wear resistance and high hardness.

9. Long service life.

Tungsten carbide plates have characteristics of high hardness, high strength, chemical stability, electric and heat-conducting, and the products manufactured by zzbetter carbides can bring superior cemented carbide grades and dimensional precision, which provides excellent features and advantages to meet high demands for machining, with secured consistency, high performance, and reliability. 


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