How to Choose the Tungsten Carbide Tipped Blade

2022-09-01 Share

How to Choose the Tungsten Carbide Tipped Blade


Tungsten carbide tipped saw blades are made of tungsten carbide saw tips and steel saw disks. The blade materials chosen are very important for the cutting life. Different cutting workpieces need to choose different blade materials. 

1. Choose carbide tips grade

The tipped saw blade's main working part is the saw tips. Saw tips are usually made of tungsten carbide with different grades. 

2. Choose the material of the body

Spring steel has good elasticity and plasticity, and the material has good hardenability through economic heat treatment. Its low heating temperature and easy deformation can be used for saw blades that require low cutting requirements.

Carbon steel has high thermal conductivity, but its hardness and wear resistance drop sharply when it is exposed to 200°C-250°C, the heat treatment deformation is large, the hardenability is poor, and the tempering time is long and easy to crack. 

Compared with carbon steel, alloy steel has better heat resistance, wear resistance, and better handling performance. The heat deformation temperature is 300°C-400°C, which is suitable for manufacturing high-end carbide circular saw blades.

High-speed tool steel has good hardenability, strong hardness and rigidity, and less heat-resistant deformation. It belongs to ultra-high-strength steel with stable thermoplasticity and is suitable for manufacturing high-end ultra-thin saw blades.


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