What's a PDC Reamer

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What's a PDC reamer

What's a PDC reamer

A PDC reamer is a type of drilling tool used in the oil and gas industry. PDC stands for Poly-crystalline Diamond Compact, which refers to the cutting elements on the PDC reamer. These PDC cutters are made of synthetic diamond particles and carbide substrate. They bonded together under high pressure and temperature.

The PDC reamer is designed to enlarge the well-bore during the drilling process. The PDC reamer is typically used after the initial hole has been drilled with a smaller diameter bit. The PDC reamer is attached to the bottom of the drill string and rotates as it is lowered into the well-bore. The PDC teeth on the reamer cut away the formation material, gradually increasing the diameter of the hole.

PDC reamers are used in certain drilling applications due to their durability and efficiency. The PDC cutters are extremely hard and can withstand high drilling forces and can be used for abrasive formations. They also provide efficient cutting, reducing the time and cost required to enlarge the well-bore.


When need to repair the PDC reamer

PDC reamers may require repair or maintenance in several situations:

1. Dull or worn PDC cutters: If the PDC cutters on the reamer become dull or worn, they may need to be replaced. Dull cutters can result in reduced cutting efficiency.

2. Damage to the body or blades: The body or blades of the PDC reamer can get damaged due to excessive wear, impact, or other factors. In such cases, the damaged parts may need to be repaired or replaced to restore the reamer's functionality.

3. Stuck or jammed reamer: If the PDC reamer gets stuck or jammed in the well-bore, it may require repair to free it. Need to disassemble the reamer, remove any obstructions, and reassemble it properly.

4. General maintenance and inspection: Regular maintenance and inspection of the PDC reamer are essential to identify any potential issues or wear.


How to repair the PDC reamer

To repair a PDC reamer, we can follow these steps:

1. Inspect the reamer: Carefully examine the reamer for any visible damage or wear. Look for any cracks, chips, or wear-out PDC cutters.

2. Clean the reamer:  Remove any dirt, debris, or drilling mud from the reamer. Ensure that it is completely clean before proceeding.

3. Replace damaged PDC cutters: If any PDC cutters are damaged or worn out, they will need to be replaced. Contact ZZBETTER for high-quality PDC cutters to obtain replacement cutters that match the original specifications.

4. Remove damaged PDC cutters: Heat the reamer, carefully remove any damaged or worn-out cutters from the reamer. Take note of their positions and orientations for proper reassembly.

5. Install new PDC cutters: Place the new PDC cutters into the corresponding slots on the reamer. Ensure that they are securely seated and brazed properly.

6. Test the reamer: Once the repair is complete, conduct a complete inspection of the reamer to ensure that all the PDC cutters are securely in place. Rotate the reamer manually to check for any abnormal movement or wobbling.


PDC cutter for PDC reamer

PDC cutters used in PDC reamers typically have a larger size compared to those used in PDC drill bits. The most common sizes for PDC cutters used in PDC reamers range from 13mm to 19mm in diameter. These larger PDC cutters are designed to withstand the high forces and torque encountered during reaming operations and provides efficient cutting and durability. Specific size of the PDC cutter used in a PDC reamer can vary depending on the manufacturer, application, and specific requirements of the drilling operation.


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