5 Truths About Tungsten Carbide Buttons

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5 Truths About Tungsten Carbide Buttons


What are tungsten carbide buttons?

Tungsten carbide buttons, or cemented carbide buttons, are one of the most useful tungsten carbide mining tools. It is the main component of mining tools. Tungsten carbide buttons can be made into different shapes, including conical buttons, ball buttons, dome buttons, wedge buttons, parabolic buttons, and so on. As mining tools, tungsten carbide buttons can be used for tunneling, digging, mining, oil drilling, construction, and so on.

Truth About Tungsten Carbide

1. With the same grade, different button shapes have different performances. For example, tungsten carbide conical buttons have a high drilling rate, and they wear fast, but they are easy to break in the case of hard to hard. Tungsten carbide spherical buttons have a low drilling rate, and they wear slowly, which is not easy to break and has a long working life.

2. If drilling particularly hard rock, we should choose YG8 or YG9 instead of YK05 and YS06. There is 6% cobalt in these two grades. The higher the cobalt content is, the faster the abrasive wear of the buttons will be, but they are not easy to break.

3. It is a dilemma if you want to have a high drilling rate with slow abrasive wear. Wear is inevitable, but what we can do is decrease the hazard of wear.

4. There are many methods to press tungsten carbide buttons into the skill bits. One of them is cold pressing. During cold pressing, you may meet the following situations. Firstly, if the diameter of the holes is large, the tungsten carbide buttons easily fall out. Secondly, the distance between holes is too large and the tungsten carbide buttons are assembled tightly, then the drill bits are easily cracking, which leads to falling out of buttons. Thirdly, the bottom is uneven when assembling the tungsten carbide buttons, so they will fall out as well.

5. One of the installation designs is to install tungsten carbide conical buttons in the middle, and tungsten carbide spherical buttons are in gauge. The drill bits are rotating when breaking stone, so with the same buttons, the gauge buttons wear relatively fast, and the middle buttons wear relatively slowly. This method can avoid falling out of buttons at a high drilling rate.

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