Application and Characteristics of Tungsten Carbide Rods

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Application and Characteristics of Tungsten carbide rods


Tungsten carbide rods, also known as tungsten carbide bars or cemented carbide rods, are widely used in manufacturing cutting tools and cutting various materials like wood, plastic, and so on. The wide application requires the tungsten carbide bars' high hardness and wear resistance. In this article, you will learn the applications and characteristics of tungsten carbide rods.

Tungsten carbide solid bars have stable physical and chemical properties. They can be manufactured and can be used for drills or end mills to cut other materials. Tungsten carbide round bars are widely used in processing other tools. Tungsten carbide drills made from tungsten carbide rods are productive tools in the machining industry for integral CNC milling cutters.

ZZBETTER Tungsten Carbide adopts advanced technology and equipment, strict quality control systems, and inspection to produce high-quality tungsten carbide round bars. These tungsten carbide round bars can increase productivity and decrease cost.

1. ZZBETTER Tungsten Carbide selects fine tungsten carbide powder and cobalt powder and uses 100% raw materials to produce high-quality and durable tungsten carbide rods;

2. According to the different requirements and sizes the customers asked for, workers will adopt different methods to press the shape of the tungsten carbide rods. They can be die pressing, extrusion pressing, and dry-bag isostatic pressing. Die pressing is using die molds to press tungsten carbide rods in small sizes. Extrusion pressing is pressing tungsten carbide rods by an extractor machine and discharging them by workers. Cellulose and paraffin can be added in this process as forming agents. Dry-bag isostatic pressing can be used to press tungsten carbide bars with over 16mm diameter.

3. High-pressure sintering can be used to reduce porosity and improve hardness and other properties so that finished tungsten carbide rods can be hard and resistant to wear and impact.

4. Workers will fall down the tungsten carbide round rods from 1.2 meters to detect whether the tungsten carbide rods are of high quality.

After reading this passage, you must know the application and characteristics of our tungsten carbide round rods. ZZBETTER Tungsten Carbide is a professional manufacturer of tungsten carbide products. We can offer you high-quality tungsten carbide rods in various sizes and grades.

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