Are You Looking For Any Tungsten Carbide Products?

2023-05-30 Share

Are You Looking For Any Tungsten Carbide Products?


If you are looking for some tungsten carbide products, I believe this will be the best chance to introduce ZZBETTER tungsten carbide products to you. And I will introduce you to the following four types of tungsten carbide products:

1. Tungsten carbide cutting tools;

2. Tungsten carbide geological mining tools;

3. Tungsten carbide dies;

4. Tungsten carbide wear parts;

1. Tungsten carbide cutting tools

Tungsten carbide cutting tools include tungsten carbide turning tools, tungsten carbide milling tools, tungsten carbide drill bits, and so on. Here, I would introduce you to some of ZZBETTER tungsten carbide cutting tools:

Tungsten carbide end mills


Tungsten carbide end mills are popular milling tools, which can be used for machinery processing factories, domestic appliances industry, mold and die manufacturing industry, electronic products, aerospace parts industry, plumbing hardware industry, semiconductor industry, automobile, motorcycle, bicycle industry, and fastener industry. Tungsten carbide end mills are manufactured from tungsten carbide rods by fluting. ZZBETTER can provide various tungsten carbide rods, including solid carbide rods, carbide rods with a coolant hole, carbide rods with coolant holes, carbide rods with helical holes, and so on. Tungsten carbide end mills with coolant holes are better for milling and machining.

Tungsten carbide burrs


Tungsten carbide burrs, also called tungsten carbide rotary files or die grinder bits, can be used for cutting, shaping, removing, deburring, and grinding. They are useful for machining different materials, including steel, cast iron, aluminum, titanium, cobalt, nickel, gold, ceramics, fiberglass, plastic, zinc, wood, and so on. 

Tungsten carbide blades


Most tungsten carbide blades for cutting are manufactured from tungsten carbide strips. And some of them may have irregular shapes and sizes. Customized products can also be available in ZZBETTER. 


2. Tungsten carbide geological mining tools

Due to the high hardness, strong impact resistance, toughness, and outstanding strength and wear resistance of tungsten carbide, tungsten carbide geological mining tools can widely be used in geological exploration drill bits, down-the-hole drills, roller cone drills and coal cutter picks, engineering excavation road tools, building materials industry impact drills and so on. The most common tungsten carbide geological mining tools used are tungsten carbide buttons which can be inserted in drill bits for mining, digging, tunneling, and so on. 


Other tungsten carbide geological mining tools include tungsten carbide studs for HPGR, tungsten carbide chisel, and so on. 

Tungsten carbide studs for HPGR 

Tungsten carbide studs have different shapes, for example, hemispherical top and flat top. Hemispherical top tungsten carbide studs can protect the studs from being destroyed by stress concentrations. And the round edges of tungsten carbide buttons can protect them from being damaged during their work. And the HPGR, a high-pressure grinding roller, is used for crushing or refining various minerals like iron ore, gold, and copper in the mining industry. 

Tungsten carbide chisel

Tungsten carbide chisels as mining tools can be manufactured into different sizes, and they are inserted into the drill bits.

3. Tungsten carbide dies

Tungsten carbide dies have many different types and they may be used for different industries and applications. 

Tungsten carbide cold heading dies


With high hardness and high bending strength, the tungsten carbide cold heading die is pressed and sintered by powder metallurgy. It is widely used in molding and fastener-making fields. The tungsten carbide heading die blanks are used as the core insert to be pressed in a steel jacket. Combined with a steel jacket, the cold heading die is more wear-resistant and more efficient, and the service life is increased a lot.

Tungsten carbide wire drawing dies


Tungsten carbide wire drawing dies are simple to produce with corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and low cost. It is suitable for ferrous metals, large-size wires, and occasions with poor wire drawing conditions. The tungsten carbide wire drawing dies are widely used for drawing in various industries. It has high hardness, excellent thermal stability, high durability, and long service life and is one of the best mold materials.

Tungsten carbide dies for making nails


The Tungsten carbide gripper dies are used for making nails in fasteners industries. They have wide applications, for example, making round nails, cement nails, shot nails, ordinary iron nails, corrugated nails, screw nails, and so on

4. Tungsten carbide wear parts

For tungsten carbide wear parts, there are tungsten carbide bushings, tungsten carbide bearings, tungsten carbide seal rings, tungsten carbide pins, tungsten carbide shafts, tungsten carbide plungers, tungsten carbide valves, tungsten carbide rolls, and so on.

Here are the main products ZZBETTER can provide for you, of course, if you need other tungsten carbide products, you can send drawings to us. If you are interested in tungsten carbide products and want more information and details, you can CONTACT US by phone or mail at the left, or SEND US MAIL at the bottom of the page.

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