Brief Introduction of Nickel Silver Tinning Rod

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Brief Introduction of Nickel Silver Tinning Rod


What is the nickel silver tinning rod?

Nickel silver tinning rod is called nickel Bronze Matrix Rod, nickel tinning brazed rods. There are two types of nickel silver tinning rods, one is bare without flux, and the other is with a flux coating. The grade code is RBCuZn-D.

The chemistry is Cu 46-50%, Ni 9-11%, Si 0.25% Max, and Zn Balance.

The hardness can be 90.0 R B Nominal. Tensile strength 80,000-100,000PSI.

Single values are maximum unless otherwise specified.

Approximate Melting Temperature: 1630 °F (888 °C)

Average As-Welded Brinell Hardness: 80-110 (kg/mm2)

The general purpose of the nickel-silver tinning rods

Nickel Bronze Matrix Rods are general-purpose oxyacetylene rods for braze welding various ferrous and non-ferrous metals, such as steel, cast iron, malleable iron, and some nickel alloys. Commonly used for fusion welding of brass, bronze, and copper alloys as well as for building up worn surfaces. Mechanical and physical characteristics include ductility, machineability, high strength, free flowing with good tinning action, and a low melting point (1630°F)

Nickel tinning brazed rods are excellent for building up worn surfaces or large areas where successive layers must be added; galvanized parts can be brazed without damaging the zinc coating. A precise balance of copper and zinc and alloying elements of tin, iron, manganese, and silicon produces weld deposits that can be easily machined but work hard once put into service; a high silicon level promotes low fuming.

The size of the tinning rods

The diameter of the tinning rods always be 0.045", 1/6", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16" and 1/4". The general length is 18 inches.

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