What Are Tungsten Carbide Composite Rods?

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What are tungsten carbide composite rods?


Tungsten carbide composite rod is made of cemented carbide tips and Ni/Ag(Cu)alloy. The carbide tips always be tungsten carbide crushed grits, carbide wear inserts, like the carbide star shape inserts, carbide pyramid shape inserts, shark shape inserts, and so on. Sometimes, the carbide tips can be tungsten carbide powder. The economic choice is tungsten carbide crushed grits. If you want to higher durable than carbide grits, carbide inserts are better. However, the cemented carbide/crushed carbide with a sharp edge has excellent wear resistance and cutting ability too.

The hardness is 89-91 HRA, the binder metal is Ni and copper alloy, strength can be up to 690MPa, hardness HB≥160.

To brief, most of the Composite rods made using crushed sintered Tungsten Carbide grains bonded with a bronze nickel matrix, (Cu 50 Zn 40 Ni 10) with a low melting point ( 870°C ).


Why use tungsten carbide grits as the main material

We all know tungsten carbide has high hardness, Tungsten carbide has good performance in Steel cutting. Tungsten carbide grits have wear resistance properties. Tungsten carbide grits can protect the surface of tools subject to abrasive wear. Tungsten carbide tips raise the speed of downhole milling and cutting, maintaining full gauge on stabilizers, guides key seat wipers, and other downhole tools.

The grain sizes of the carbide grits:


1/8-1/16 in. ( 3.2-1.6 mm )

3/16-1/8 in. (4.8-3.2 mm)

1/4-3/16 in. (6.3-4.8 mm)

3/8-5/16 in. (9.5-7.9 mm)

5/16-1/4 in. (7.9 -6.3 mm)

3/8-1/4 in. (9.5-6.3 mm)

1/2-5/16 in. (12.7-7.9 mm)


The grades of the composite rods

Two main grades are depending on the different Proportions of the tungsten carbide grits

1. Cutting grade: 70% tungsten carbide + 30% binder

2. Wear grade :  60% tungsten carbide + 40% binder

You can choose different grades depending on your application.


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