What Are Carbide Welding Rods

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                                                                   What Are Carbide Welding Rods?



Carbide welding rods are also called carbide welding electrode, carbide brazing rods, carbide welding bar,s and so on. Carbide welding rods can be tungsten carbide composite welding rods, cast tungsten carbide welding rods, tungsten carbide electrode, tungsten carbide ropes.


The Features and Properties of Carbide Welding Rods


High Hardness


Tungsten carbide welding rods are widely used as they have high hardness

The hardness of the cemented carbide welding rods can be more than 87 HRA, Which makes them be one of the hardest materials in the world. More and more industries like to use welding on their tools to protect the worn parts of the tools. It can help them to save costs and improve their effectiveness.


Excellent Corrosion and Abrasion Resistance

In addition to high hardness, they have good corrosion and abrasion-resistant that they only to be attacked by some mineral acids. These features can make the carbide welding rods work well even in extremely harsh working conditions.

The hard alloy welding rods can meet all your abrasion and corrosion-resistance demands if you’ll use them in chemical or marine applications.


High Pressure and Temperature Resistance

You can use tungsten carbide welding rods even in high pressure and temperature condition. You don't need to worry about deformation and deterioration.


The three features and performance are the most common properties and features of carbide welding rods. Depending on your application, we can use different grades to produce them to meet your demands.


The Common Application Of the Carbide Welding Rods

Tungsten carbide welding rods have been used and respected throughout the oil drilling and respected throughout the oil drilling, mining, and construction industry worldwide.

Engineering Equipment and Machinery

Mixer Blades

Coal Mine Chutes

Mining Machinery

Hardfacing Tools and Equipment

Coal Mine Drills

Oil Drilling Tools



As you may have noticed, it’s common in applications where wear and abrasion are rampant. Its properties make tungsten carbide welding rods an effective addition to it.


Where Can You Get Super Performance Carbide Welding Rods?

There are many manufacturers of tungsten carbide welding rods in the industry. If you want to get carbide composite rods, cast tungsten carbide rods in one-stop, Choose ZZbetter carbide.

ZZbetter can help you in terms of producing specific and particular carbide welding rods, according to your needs.

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