Extend the life of PDC drill bit - PDC drill bit repairs and maintenance

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Extend the life of PDC drill bit - PDC drill bit repairs and maintenance


PDC drill bits have been introduced to the market for several decades and now occupy more than 90% of the total drilling footage in the world. With more and more HDD jobs needing PDC bits for hard ground conditions, the high-quality PDC drill bit-specific repairs and maintenance also emerged as the times require, which help to restore the PDC cutter and save money. 

The PDC drill bits work great in the right rock conditions. However, the cost per foot to run such tools is higher than conventional tools, which makes extending the life of your PDC drill bit critical so you can get the most possible down-hole distance without needing to pay for a replacement.

In order to help extend the life of the PDC tooling, a complete line of PDC inspection and repair services is very necessary. With proper maintenance, regular inspections, and catching potential problems early, can guarantee much longer and more profitable life for the PDC and avoid forking out the cash for a new tool.

Here are a few things to look out for when examining the PDC drill bit. It’s highly recommended in for repair or maintenance if notice any of the following:

1. Compromised structure or asymmetrical shape. In other words, if it isn’t as round as it should be.

2. Any flakes or chips in the metal body or cutting surfaces.

3. Crescent-shaped indentations or markings on the gauges.

4. Diminishing girth or narrowing in certain areas.

5. Overall signs of wear and tear.


All PDC repairs undergo a 10-point inspection, including:

1. Overall visual inspection

2. Blade wear

3. Hard facing

4. Weld rebuild

5 .Nozzle condition

6. Cracks or hairline fractures

7. Individual cutter inspection

8. Threads

9. Gauge inspection against true gauge ring measurement

10. Once repaired, clean bit and complete the second examination

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